2016 Hong Kong Day 8: Lan Fong Yuen | Starbucks

October 31, 2016

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Day 8 in Hong Kong! Woke up bright and early that day as we had a morning meeting in Central (中環). Ever since I quit my 9-5 job, I’m hardly a morning person; so you can imagine how grumpy I was that morning.

BUT, nothing a good breakfast can’t fix!

📍 中環

Look how steep their road is!

📍 Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌饼家

This is the outlet we went to on Day 6.

📍 Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳圜

I can’t remember if we went for our meeting first, or had our breakfast first before the meeting. But either way, we managed to find our way to Lan Fong Yuen for breakfast!

This is yet another one of the recommended eateries that came up from our Google search.

We reached there at around 11am and managed to get a table without any waiting time. The place was actually quite small and cramped.


As stated above, this place has been around for 60+ years?

Hot favourites / recommended items at Lan Fong Yuen.

We ordered a 葱油鸡扒捞丁,

Kaya Toast,

and a Pork Chop Bun (猪扒包) to share.

Even though everything that we ordered were good, my favorites definitely goes to the 葱油鸡扒捞丁! The flavor, noodle, and chicken… Everything just ties in together nicely!

I would totally come here just to have the noodle so do give it a try if you’re around the vicinity.

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳圜
2 Gage St, Central, Hong Kong (6-min walk from Exit C, Hong Kong MTR Station)
Opening Hours: 0730 – 1800 (Close on Sunday)

After breakfast, we continued to make our way to our business meeting. We had two meetings arranged that day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The second meeting really stood out to me because we went to view a new hotel and their rooms were super pretty and unique! Unfortunately, because the hotel wasn’t open yet at that time, we didn’t manage to get any pictures.

Finally saw the mid-levels escalator in Central.

I don’t think you can tell from this angle (picture), but this is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, covering over 800 metres (2,600 ft) in distance and elevates over 135 metres (443 ft) from bottom to top.

I would have totally missed it on the first look. I read about it somewhere and finally came across it that day.

After our second meeting ended, the Boyfriend and I decided to head down to Mongkok because I was (again) craving for the cold noodle from Argyle Centre. So the Boyfriend suggests making a trip there, and we ended up buying a number of packets back to the hotel! My selection is generally quite standard. I will usually have spinach noodles with corn and crab sticks, stirred in garlic and chili sauce.

These are the ingredients you can pick to go along with your noodle. Each individual serving is priced at HKD3, except for the chicken wing (HKD5 each) and duck’s tongue (HKD15 per stick).

The ingredients may not seem like anything special, but together with the sauce, the flavors sure packs a punch!

If there is one food I crave from Hong Kong, this is most likely to be it.

Later that night, I also went to get spicy 鱼蛋 from one of the roadside food stalls.

It was HKD7 a stick and it turns out to be way spicier than what I was expecting.

Randomly stumbled across a Starbucks and decided to go up to have a look! There were two storeys for this particular outlet in Mongkok.

I definitely wasn’t expecting the store to look this unique and I sure was pleasantly surprise when I saw it.

According to the website, this concept store is built to reflect the exceptional cultural characteristics of Mong Kok.

A nice place to chill and have a drink with your friends! And trust me when I say every corner is picture worthy!

If you’re interested in checking it out, this outlet is located at Sai Yee Street in Mong Kok.

We left Mong Kok shortly after and headed back to Causeway Bay where we randomly found a place to have our dinner.

Mushroom Soup



Baked Potato

and lastly, Coffee and Tea!

Well, we actually didn’t order the pasta. It was sent wrongly to our table and I managed to snap a picture before the staff came to take it back.

Ended the night with 猪扒包和奶油猪 from 翠華, and then to 7-Eleven to get coke with ice! It was so, so satisfying to finally have a big cup of coca-cola filled with ice cubes! Somehow, all, if not most, cafe or restaurant in Hong Kong like to serve chilled coca-cola. Hardly any place will serve you a coca-cola with a separate glass of ice cube.

For someone like me who doesn’t take a carbonated drink without ice cubes, you can imagine how happy I was when I suddenly remember there is GULP from 7-Eleven! It’s true that nothing quenches your thirst like a refreshing BIG GULP.

I’ve no idea how this post ended with GULP, but thanks for reading! Two more posts to go before I wrap up my Hong Kong’s travelogue!

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