2016 Hong Kong Day 3: Mak’s Noodle | Smile Yogurt | Greyhound Cafe | A Symphony of Lights

October 10, 2016

Day 3 in Hong Kong! Click the links below if you missed on Day 1 and Day 2:

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After a day at Disneyland, we decided to sleep in till a little later and only managed to leave the hotel at 4pm. We were starving by then and I suggests going to the famous Mak’s Noodle since Google tells me that there is an outlet quite near to our hotel.

And indeed, it was not too far away.

If you zoom in the map, you can also spot one of the hotels that we stayed at during our previous trip – Butterfly on Morrison.

The place was pretty empty since it was after lunch hours.

We decided to go for their 世家云吞面 (wanton noodle with soup). And to go along with our noodles, we also ordered their chilled soya milk at HKD10.

For HKD38 (SGD6.70), we would expect it to be a bigger bowl. However, the portion of the noodle was rather small. Each bowl comes with four prawn wontons. Taste wise, it was okay? We didn’t find it extremely nice or special like what others claims. The only thing special is perhaps the noodle. It was thinner and slightly harder than the other noodles that we tried elsewhere. But still, I don’t think that is special enough to justify the price paid.

We paid SGD17 for our meal and we left without even feeling half full.

(After we came back to Singapore, we then realised that Mak’s Noodle had come to our shore. Tried it in Singapore again and we thought the dry version of the wanton noodle taste nicer.)

After a late lunch, we decided to walk around and eventually made our way to Wan Chai Ferry Pier. It was quite a long walk and I have no idea why we even choose to walk there instead of taking the MTR.

From here, we still had to walk a distance before finally reaching the pier.


Paid for the ferry using our Octopus card. HKD2.50 / person.

On board the ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui. The journey took us about 10 minutes?

We were honestly quite looking forward to going Tsim Sha Tsui because we wanted to get egg tarts from the ferry terminal. The previous time we came to Hong Kong, we got one of the best egg tarts from a shop at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier.

Went to search for it the moment we arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui and turns out, the egg tarts that we like were from the famous Tai Cheong Bakery. #epicfailed, please. I literally laugh out loud when I saw the signage!

Having heard so much hype about Tai Cheong’s egg tarts, we didn’t even realize that that was the one we had previously.

We left without getting any because we planned to come back again later to get them before we head back to Causeway Bay. Bad move, because they only left with one egg tart by the time we came back from dinner.

Went in to the nearby mall and randomly stumbled across this shop that sells yogurt.

I got attracted by the look of it because it reminds me of IlaoIlao. You can either customize your own or pick one from the standard menu.

I eventually went with “Vanilla Sky” (HKD53), which consist of blueberry, mango, homemade crumbs, almond flakes, and vanilla sauce.

The portion is quite big and is good enough for two.

After satisfying our sweet tooth, we then continue to walk around the mall and eventually settled down at Greyhound Cafe for dinner.

Must order: “Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings”

“Fettuccine with Shrimp and Mushroom Cream Sauce” for me

and “Penne Al Pomodoro with Ham and Cheese” for him.

Our total bill came up to HKD334. which is close to SGD60.

Went back to Tai Cheong Bakery after our dinner to get the egg tarts and we were one step too late. Our initial plan was to get six egg tarts. However when we reached, there were some girls in front of us and by the time they left, there was only one egg tart left. It was 7:50pm, and they were all sold out for the day. (The shop close at 9pm)

So we ended up getting one egg tart and two chicken pies. First time trying the chicken pie and it was really good! The pastry was soft and buttery!

Seeing that it was almost 8pm, we decided to walk over to the harbour to catch A Symphony of Lights.

It was my second time catching the show and honestly I was still equally disappointed. I don’t see anything nice about the show and definitely don’t see myself coming back again.

Walked down the streets and saw the mobile softee, so we each got one of the soft ice cream. It costs HKD9 for one.

Aside from the popular soft ice cream, they also have Nutty Drumstick (HKD9), Ice Cream Cup (HKD8) and Jumbo Orange (HKD8). I’ve never seen anyone buying those, though.

Ended our day by taking the MTR back to Causeway Bay.








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