2016 Hong Kong Day 4: Mong Kok | Fa Yuen Street | Kobitos Dim Sum Icon

October 12, 2016

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Day 4 saw us going to Mong Kok area!

Spotted a 雪糕车 while we were on our way to the MTR station.

MTR system map with local tourist attractions.

If you need an idea on where to go, definitely check out the MTR map at the station.

Had our lunch at Café de Coral 大家樂. Came here on our previous trip and find it to be a decent cafe selling various Chinese food like chicken rice, roast duck rice and char siew rice.

Not sure if it’s due to the rain, but it was super crowded when we were there at 3pm. Took us a while before getting a table.

We both had 叉烧烧鸭饭. It came with a drink for HKD43, which is about SGD7.60.

As it was still raining after we had our lunch, the Boyfriend had to run across the road to get us an umbrella so that we can continue our shopping at Fa Yuen Street.

Shopping at Fa Yuen Street, otherwise also known as Sneakers Street. They have lots of shops here selling sneakers and all other kinds of shoes. If you’re looking for a particular pair of sneakers, this is probably the place to go!

Anyone remember this show called “有房出租”? I used to watch it in the past and it always scares me.

We went into a number of shops before the Boyfriend finally deciding to get a pair of Adidas from this shop called “Wan Kee”. It appears that the shoes here are slightly cheaper as compared to the other shops that we went in.

See that little box up there? After requesting for your shoe size, the staff will use a monitor to check for the availability of the stocks, before talking into his mouthpiece to the staff on the second level. The staff from the second level will then help to retrieve the stock, before dropping it down through that box.

So efficient! No more running up and down just to take the stocks.

Spotted Mobile Softee again

so we got one to share.

We subsequently made our way to Argyle Centre to do more shopping and also to get cold noodles from 百味!

You basically get to choose your preferred base (noodle), toppings, and sauce. My favourite combination is spinach noodles with corn and crab sticks, stirred in garlic and chili sauce. Yum!

Dim Sum Icon


Later at night, we decided to head back to Tsim Sha Tsui because the Boyfriend wanted to check out Dim Sum Icon. My online research told me that they were having Gudetama themed dim sum. However, when we reached, we realized that the theme had been changed to Kobitos instead.

It appears they change the theme from time to time?

None of the online review sites mentioned that Gudetama was only available for a limited time, hence we went there without realizing that the theme had been changed to Kobitos.

No idea who Kobitos is, even though I’m certain I’ve seen his image somewhere. We were debating whether to dine there or leave and eventually decided to give it a try since we already made our way there from Mong Kok.

Aside from Kobitos, they were also having this Eggs’ Family Series. The chocolate buns look like a replica of the Gutedama buns that we kept seeing online.

Here’s what we ordered. We didn’t order that many dishes because we weren’t sure how nice the foods were.

Turns out, they weren’t that good.

蛋蛋海鲜肠粉, HKD39

醜比头虾饺, HKD59

醜比头燕麦蛋黄流沙包, HKD49

屎朱古力流沙包, HKD39

I tried to poke a hole in his mouth but the chocolate sauce refuse to flow out.

Our total bill came up to HKD229 for four dishes and two pots of tea. Didn’t know that the tea comes in a pot, or else we would have ordered one pot to share.

Also paid additional HK2 for takeaway because we couldn’t finish our custard buns.

Like all other themed cafe, I guessed we mainly paid for the design instead of the quality of the food.

Don’t expect much if you intend to give it a try. For us, we probably wouldn’t return again.






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