2016 Rome Day 7: Barbie The Icon Exhibition | Depart to Athens

December 29, 2016

Finally down to the last day in Rome! Two weeks of holiday seems like such a long time and I was ready to head back home. Such a bittersweet feeling because, as much as I enjoy my trip, I was looking forward to return home.

Here are my very unimpressive purchases made in Santorini and Rome. Somehow I didn’t go crazy shopping in Rome.

The Boyfriend and I spent our morning doing some last minute packing, before checking out the hotel at noon. As our flight was not until later that night, we decided to leave our luggage with the hotel so that we could head out in the afternoon. He told me there’s a place he like to bring me to, but at the same time, refused to tell me where exactly we were going.

Right after we checked out of the hotel, we were back at Binario Zero Caffe to have our breakfast. We were busy packing up in the morning that we didn’t have time to go downstairs to have our hotel’s breakfast.

Definitely going to miss having their pizza!

I wasn’t that hungry, so I just got a croissant and coffee while the Boyfriend went for their Continental Breakfast.

After we were done with breakfast, we then took the metro and alighted at Colosseo Station.

Such a beauty!

From the station, we then made our way down the road while the Boyfriend tried to figure out which way we should go to get to our destination. Eventually, after walking for 30 minutes under the hot weather, he gave up. I guessed he somehow misinterpreted the map and brought me to the wrong direction.

So in the end, he suggests we take a taxi.

Not long after, we arrived at Complesso del Vittoriano.

That’s where the exhibition for Barbie The Icon was held!

I can’t believe the Boyfriend really brought me to the exhibition. I said that because what happened was before we came to Rome, I was doing some research online and found out about this Barbie exhibition. So I told the Boyfriend we should go, because 1) I really wanted to. I grew up playing barbie dolls with my elder sister so Barbie played such an important role in my childhood life. 2) The exhibition run from mid-April 2016 to end-October 2016. The exhibition was only held at a handful of places, Rome being one of it. So I thought since we happened to be in Rome during that time, we should definitely make use of the opportunity to pay a visit to the exhibition.

But the truth is after we arrived in Rome, I somehow didn’t list visiting the exhibition as one of my priority. Mainly because I knew I’m the only one who is interested. The Boyfriend, on the other hand, didn’t appear to be even half as interested as I did. There were times when we saw the poster/banner on the street promoting about the exhibition and he would ask whether have I done the research on the address of the exhibition and planned a time to go. Of course, I didn’t.

We were down to our last day in Rome before we leave for Athens that night, so I certainly wasn’t expecting to visit the exhibition. But somehow, the Boyfriend made it happen for me.

We got our tickets swiftly from the counter and it was 10 euros per person.

After entering through this doorway, we actually saw the display of quite a number of Barbie dolls. They were all arranged accordingly based on their years of debut.

At the very end, there’s another entrance that opens up to the actual exhibition. So basically the front portion is still open to the public. I supposed it’s more like a teaser to attract people to pay for the entry to the main exhibition. I’m not sure who will actually go all the way to the museum to have a look then turn back though I believed there were other exhibitions on-going at the museum then.

But honestly, it was either you are interested / a fan of Barbie dolls or you are not. There’s no in-between.

Anyway. I didn’t know Barbie dolls actually went back as early as 1959! No wonder they are now known as icon.

1998 Vera Wang Wedding Dress Barbie Doll

(You will find a label below each of the Barbie dolls stating the year and name of the Barbie doll.)

1999 Millennium Bride Barbie Doll

2010 Barbie Basics Dolls – Black Collection

Pictures from below onwards are from the actual exhibition. I hope you like Barbie dolls as much as I do because this entry is going to fill with pictures of one Barbie doll after another.

2001 Burberry

2014 KARL LAGERFELD Barbie Doll

2015 Moschino

2005 Carolina Herrera Bride Doll

2008 Vera Wang The Romanticist

2011 Vera Wang The Traditionalist

1997 Bob Mackie Madame Du Barbie Doll

2000 Bob Mackie Fantasy Goddess of The Americas

I did take quite a lot of pictures while I was there but I obviously didn’t manage to photograph each and every Barbie dolls because there were just too many of them.

1971 Country Camper

1973 Barbie’s Friend Ship

1980 Dream Furniture Collection Bedroom

1989 Barbie Ferrari and 2009 Fiat 500

Barbie Family

Barbie’s bedroom! Everything was in hot pink.

And more Barbie dolls…

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Collection of Marilyn Monroe.

2012 The Wizard of Oz – Barbie as Dorothy

2000 Barbie as Wonder Woman and 2013 Catwoman Barbie Doll

2013 Jennifer Lopez World Tour

And last but certainly not least, there’s Audrey Hepburn!

1998 Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Pink Princess Fashion)

1998 Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Black Daytime Ensemble)

2013 Audrey Hepburn – Sabrina

Overall, it was such an eye-opening experience seeing so many Barbie dolls on display! Thank you, Boyfriend, for accompanying me to the exhibition even though you have no interest in Barbie dolls. And thank you for being so patient, waiting for me to go through and take pictures of all the barbie dolls.

I believed it was around 14:00 when we left the museum. Crossed the road and saw these:

📍 Temple of Venus Genitrix

Rome never fails to amaze!

We left shortly after and headed back to Via del Corso to do some last minute shopping. Mainly because I wanted to get a pair of Stan Smith from one of the shops (Footlocker). A lot of places ran out of my size, so we decided to check out the outlet at Via del Corso. Thankfully, I managed to get it from there.

Then right before we took the metro back to Termini Station, we passed by Burger King and I told the Boyfriend to go inside and get us a drink.

What happened was just a few days ago, we were there at that same outlet getting a drink. The Boyfriend went to get it while I was waiting for him at one of the tables. Not sure what or how it happened, but somehow just before he place the tray on the table, he had a slip and the drink actually toppled and splashed all over me. As a result of that, the leather strap on my Fossil Smart Bracelet was ruined. It was my first day wearing the bracelet and it was ruined with water marks.

I was a little sad, but I wasn’t mad at him. He later offered to get me a new strap but I declined.

I thought it was so unbelievably funny so I told him I’m going to document it down on this blog. Till date, he still can’t believe he actually poured coke all over me.

After we got back to Termini Station, we went to do some more shopping before returning back to the hotel to collect our luggage. After which, we returned to the station again and bought our train tickets from one of the self-service machines. (Each ticket is priced at 14 euros) The good thing about staying near Termini Station is that there’s a direct train from the station to the airport. It turns out to be so convenient for us!

I remembered we got the tickets for a specific timing but because we underestimated the distance to the platform, we actually missed our train by a minute. It got us panicked for awhile, but after enquiring with the staff, we were told to board the next available train.

Upon reaching the airport, we managed to check-in swiftly and even got time to have a meal before we board our flight to Athens!



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