2016 Rome Day 4: Fontana di Trevi | Altare della Patria | Castel Sant’ Angelo

December 23, 2016

Fourth day in Rome. Our original plan was to head over to the Vatican City, but we actually woke up later than expected and decided to leave that for another day. After much considerations, we decided to head over to one of the most popular tourist destination – Fontana di Trevi!

While walking over to Fontana di Trevi, we passed by a handful of souvenir shops. The ones that stood out to us were those that were selling Pinocchios. Some stated they were handmade in Italy, while others, by the look of it, you can easily tell they were mass produced in China.

This was one of the shops we went into:

Not all Pinocchios in this shop were handmade. Some of them were, while others were all mass produced.

They look so cute, especially when the store keeper hangs them on the ceiling and they start to spring around.

We got gelato again! This time round in coconut flavour. 2.50 euros for one.

Fontana di Trevi


The place was so crowded, even more so than Spanish Steps.

Everyone was stopping down and trying to get a nice shot of the fountain.

Then there were people like us, who may or may not be blocking the way, standing there eating/finishing up on our gelatos.

It proves to be a challenge trying to get a decent shot because the surrounding of the fountain was packed. The only way to omit the people was when you take a shot from bottom-up.

Subsequently, I figured the best way to get a clear shot was by standing on the bench. There was one row of bench right in front of the fountain and people were mainly sitting there, back facing the fountain trying to take their own #selfie. Instead of sitting, I actually stood on top of it and managed to get a nice shot.

So nice!

At 85 feet high and 65 feet wide, this is the biggest fountain in the entire city of Rome.

Then, we did what everyone else was doing – throwing coins into the fountain.

The original legend says that if you throw a coin into the Trevi with your right hand over your left shoulder, that will ensure that you will return to Rome in the future. There’s also another version that says you should throw three coins into the Trevi.

We did neither of that, though. I tossed just one coin and I tossed it with both of my hands. My focus was to ensure that my coin did land inside the Trevi. I’m pretty sure it did land inside the Trevi so I supposed I still have the chance to return to Rome in the future?

Leaving Fontana di Trevi, we just continued to make our way through the streets and eventually ended up at the junction where the Altare della Patria was located.


Altare della Patria


📍The Altare della Patria, also known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II.

Got photobombed by this little fellow here!

📍 Largo di Torre Argentina

We didn’t come here on purpose. We just randomly walk down the street and somehow found ourselves at this archaeological site.

Isn’t it impressive to find something like this in the middle of the street?

I wanted to say in the middle of nowhere, but I’m sure there is a reason behind why this is found here. I think what I’m surprised is how they can just build roads, buildings and shops around it.

📍 Flying Tiger

The shop that sells super affordable danish home decor. I may or may not had gone inside and bought a ceramic pineapple coin bank and foldable measuring ruler keychains. Just totally random stuff that I got on impulse.

Been trying to take a picture of the tour bus and I finally got one in a hurry.

No particular reason, just thought that it looks nice.

📍 L’insalata Ricca

Stopped for lunch at this restaurant we found on the side of the street.

Much needed coffee for the Boyfriend.

We ordered a tomato based pasta and a seafood risotto.

Definitely pick risotto more than pasta.

For two mains and two coffee, we paid 25 euros for our meal. Not too bad I would say.

Castel Sant’ Angelo

After lunch, we made our way to Castel Sant’ Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel), based on the Boyfriend’s suggestion. It surprises me how much we walk in a day in Rome.

Also, not sure if you can tell by now, he’s a big fan of castle. As long as there’s castle, you can be sure he’ll drag me there.

Click here for 360 degree view

Click here for 360 degree view

We paid 10 euros each for the entrance ticket.

The original angel by Raffaello da Montelupo.

Random pictures that probably serve no meaning. I was just snapping away while the Boyfriend figure out which way we should go.

Went inside and look at this ceiling! How pretty!

Continued to make our way up to the rooftop…

Statue of Michael the Archangel, standing on top of the Castel Sant’ Angelo.

Who else remember this from the film Da Vinci Code. Still find it hard to believe that I’m here.

Click here for 360 degree view

Got photobombed again.

Finally some pictures together. We actually didn’t take that many pictures together during this trip. I guessed we didn’t set up our tripod as much as we did in Santorini. Almost all the museums we went to ban the usage of a tripod.

Almost sunset…

I’m probably going to look back at these pictures in the future and realised how far we had come. Nine years ago, who would have thought we will be travelling to places that we can only dream of.

Moving along…

Yet another impressive ceiling.

Passing through this tunnel to make our way out.

History for us to read and understand more about the place.

And that concludes our tour.

With so much to see, it’s actually quite a nice place to spend our late afternoon.

Coming out from the museum, we saw this at the end of the street:

We actually found ourselves at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City! I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

Look so beautiful even at night.

We left shortly after and headed to a nearby metro station to take the train back to Termini Station. I remember even the nearest metro station wasn’t exactly that close by and we had to walk quite a distance before we get there.

Can’t recall which exact station we ended up at.

We were at the metro station when we saw this photo printing machine for Instagram pictures. Thought it looks quite interesting and before we knew it, we were typing our Instagram handles into the keypad.

Type in your Instagram handle or hashtag and select the one you’re looking for.

It will immediately load your Instagram feed.

My turn.

We ended up spending quite some time and money developing our pictures. All the pictures developed will also come with the original captions.

It costs 1 euro for 2 pictures.

Developed mostly our recent photos that were taken at Santorini.

Back to Termini Station!

Made a quick stop at Binario Zero Caffe to get pizza again. Having walked around for the entire day, we were too tired to stay outside for dinner.

Plus, a huge pizza like this only costs 8.50 euros! You really can’t go wrong with that. If we really wanted to cut down on expenses, I guess we can really have pizza for every one of our meal.






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