2016 Rome Day 5: Museo Leonardo Da Vinci

December 26, 2016

Fifth day in Rome! Started our day with breakfast at Binario Zero Caffe.

I did mention earlier that we paid extra to have breakfast included with our accommodation at Hotel Domus Praetoria. However, we were getting bored of having bread/pastries every morning, so we decided to have breakfast elsewhere that morning.

We ended up going back to Binario Zero Caffe and had their Continental Breakfast Set at 7 euros each. (I had since lost track of the number of times we visited Binario Zero Caffe throughout our entire trip in Rome. We were there so frequently that even the staff remembered us.)

Our breakfast came in a big plate like this with additional coffee and orange juice.

I remembered that was also the day I finally managed to get a stable/strong internet connection to call home to my family. I remembered calling my mum and telling her about the successful proposal in Santorini, and she denied knowing about the proposal before I do. It was so funny!

After having done with breakfast, we then headed over to the metro station and took the train to Flaminio Station. To be honest, I can’t recall why we were even there in the first place. I believed we didn’t have anything planned out for that day but if we did, it will most likely be more shopping at Via del Corso.

Coming out from Flaminio Station, we crossed over the road and found ourselves at Piazza del Popolo.

Right after we entered into the plaza, a signage on the left caught our attention. It was a museum for Leonardo Da Vinci.

This wasn’t on our itinerary. It just happened that we walked past it while we were walking to Via del Corso. Since we were free and the entrance fee was only 10 euros, I told the Boyfriend we should just go inside and have a look.

I’m not going to go into details, but you can see from the pictures I took with regards to what you can expect from the museum.

Some of the few exhibits that stood out to me were the Vitruvian Man, the painting of The Mona Lisa and of course, the Last Supper.

Replica of the original painting of The Mona Lisa.

The museum also showcased an animated presentation of the Last Supper and I decided to film it because I thought it was quite interesting.

Collectibles and souvenirs for sale.

To be honest, unless you’ve a great interest in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, I don’t think this museum is a must to visit. True enough, they have write-up and explanation on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and it was very informative for those who are interested. But I’m sure you can find the same information online, or, you can already see from all the pictures I took above. (I must have taken pictures of most of the exhibits. Took them mainly because I thought I will share it over here and help you save on the visit 😅). So I would say, save the 10 euros for something else.

Strawberry Gelato at 2.50 euros! That’s like the usual price we paid for all of our gelatos.

Coke slush, just because the weather was so warm that even a gelato wasn’t good enough.

More shopping done at H&M and Zara! Everywhere were having sales and we just can’t say no.

The Boyfriend and I don’t usually shop at Zara, but we actually made a number of purchases in Rome due to the on-going sale.

I don’t actually remember where we went after our shopping at Via del Corso but based on my expenses record, I believed we headed back to the same store we went to the day before that sells Pinocchio. I wasn’t planning on buying, but the Boyfriend kept telling me it was my last and only chance because we won’t be passing by the store again. So eventually I gave in and bought something from there.

After that, we went to have lunch at this placed called Al Picchio.

Once again, we had risotto and pasta. That’s like the only food we knew and had for lunch.

After lunch, we then continue our walk until we reached Piazza Navona.

📍 Palazzo Pamphilj on the left and Sant’Agnese in Agone church on the right.

📍 Fontana del Moro

📍 Obelisk – Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

Paintings for sale. We bought a small one the other day (near Spanish Steps) for 5 euros.

Caricature drawings.

And that’s all for the day. Day 5 wasn’t as interesting since we did a lot more shopping than sightseeing.




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