2016 Rome Day 2: Roma Pass | Spagna | Spanish Steps

December 14, 2016

Continue with day 2 in Rome. Slept early the night before hence we were both up at 08:00 on day 2 and looking forward to go downstairs to have breakfast!

We paid a little extra and have breakfast included when we booked our room.

Here are the breakfast selections. There’s bread / pastries, cereals, yogurt, fruits and coffee / tea. Aside from coffee and tea (which were served to us), the foods were all placed on the table for us to pick and go. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the selections.

Thankfully, the Boyfriend and I brought along our own cup noodles and we eventually asked them to provide us with the hot water. (There wasn’t a kettle in our room)

So for breakfast, I had a cup noodle + a sugar donut.

Our plan for the day was to travel to Spagna where the famous Spanish Steps is. I did some research prior to that and apparently that’s the place to go for shopping too; so I was quite excited for that.

To get to Spagna, we decided to take the metro from Termini Station. It was our first time figuring out how the transportation system works. Thankfully, it was easy enough to understand and we managed to get our single-trip ticket from the machine.

Each ticket costs 1.50 euros and is valid for 100 minutes.

Prior to taking the metro, I was doing my research online to find out what are our options for travelling in Rome and the first thing that pops up is getting a Roma Pass, which can be used for metro, buses and trams.

Based on what I understand, there are two types of Roma Pass: The 72-hour Roma Pass and the 48-hour Roma Pass.

The 72-hour Roma Pass costs 38.50 euros and is valid for 72 hours, starting from the first use (not from the moment of purchase). It entitles you to two free admissions to museums and / or archaeological sites of your choice and discounted tickets for subsequent visits after you’ve used the two free entries.

The 48-hour Roma Pass, on the other hand, costs 28 euros and is good for 48 hours from the time you first use it. It entitles you to the same transportation and discounted tickets as the 72-hour Roma Pass, with the only difference that you only get one free admission to the museum or archaeological site of your choice.

You can read more about it here, including the list of museums and archaeological sites that are included / excluded from the pass.

I also read on Tripadvisor that the 48-hour Roma Pass is based on the clock while the 72-hour Roma Pass is based on calendar days. (Which means if you bought a 48-hour Roma Pass and use it on a Monday afternoon, it will only be valid until the morning of Wednesday.) However, I can’t seem to find this info from the site, so I’m not sure if it’s true?

We eventually decided not to get either of them because we figured we won’t be making that many trips in a day so it doesn’t seem to benefit us if we pay for the 48 or 72-hour pass. I supposed the pass will be good for those who visit Rome for two / three days whereby they’ll pack a handful of places to visit in a day. In that way, I’m sure the pass will help to save a significant sum.

Aside from the 48 or 72-hour Roma Pass, there are also other options like the one-day pass (7 euros), two-day pass (12.50 euros), three-day pass (18 euros) and seven-day pass (24 euros) which are available for purchase easily from the machine. Again, we decided against all of those because we figured at most we will only travel to two places in a day so that means 4 x entries = 6 euros.

I filmed a short clip of us buying the tickets from the machine and in the video, you can see what are the options + prices for the various tickets.

Took the orange line from Termini to Spagna (three stations away).

Made the right decision to stay near Termini Station because it’s such a central location, making it so convenient to get around places.

Not long later, we arrived in Spagna.

📍 Piazza di Spagna

Spotted horse carriage!

The iconic Spanish Steps

which was unfortunately closed for renovation work.

So we could only stand in front of Fontana della Barcaccia to take pictures.

So crowded even on a Thursday afternoon.

Shopping along Via dei Condotti, one of the more busy and fashionable streets of Rome. You can find majority of the luxury brands here like Gucci, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc.

📍 Bar Frattina – One of the recommended place to get gelato!

Super nice dark chocolate gelato for 2 euros.

And because we didn’t want to share, we each got one. Can’t remember what the Boyfriend got but most probably should be chocolate and pistachio.

Guess who spotted Singapore’s flag in Rome?!

We also spotted a Pandora store along Via Frattina and as always, the Boyfriend insisted we go inside and get something. There were quite a number of customers when we first enter the store and as such, we were told to get a queue number and wait for our turn to be served.

While waiting for our queue number to be called, I was browsing through the catalogue. I only planned on getting one charm so I wanted to find something that represents Rome / Italy. Eventually, I decided to go with the Colosseum dangling charm, even though we have yet to visit the Colosseum at that time.

After being served by the SA, I was kind of being talk into getting another charm. It was a limited edition heart-shaped charm that has the wording “I Love Roma” on one side and “2016” on the other side. All because she said this can only be found / purchased in Rome, I ended up leaving with two charms instead of one.

Even with two charms, we still didn’t hit the minimum amount (154.95 euros) for tax-free. So the SA told us that we could return later if we do decide to get something else and she will combine the bill for us. However, we didn’t actually go back again.

After Via dei Condotti and Via Frattina, we decided to find a place to have our lunch before we continue on with the rest of our sight-seeing and shopping.

📍 Ristorante Caffè Leonardo

When into this restaurant called Ristorante Leonardo that we stumbled across while looking around. The interior of the place is nicely decorated. We were being led to a table tuck at a corner at the end. For food, we ordered a risotto and a cream pasta. The food didn’t look that appetising when served but it was actually not too bad.

📍 Trinità dei Monti

Not going to go into details of all the places we went to because I’m afraid I might get their names wrong. So I’m just going to share some of my favourite pictures.

📍 Pompi Tiramisu

Classic tiramisu at 4 euros.

I’m not a huge fan of tiramisu but how can we not have it in Italy, the place where tiramisu first came from.

The one from Pompi is exceptionally good and I managed to finish the whole of it!

📍 Chips Amsterdam Dog

Fries with cheese sauce at 3 euros. There were a varieties of sauce available and we went with cheese.

We continue to roam around the vicinity and ended up at Via del Corso. That street is like a shopping heaven. They have a huge Zara and H&M store among many others. We ended up shopping in Zara because there was some sort of sales on-going. (To be honest everywhere were having sales.)

It was quite late by then and we didn’t have enough time to finish our shopping so we agreed to find some time to come back again.

Took the metro back to Termini and made a quick stop at a supermarket before we went to get pizza for dinner again.

Look at that smile on his face after I allowed him to buy pizza.

This time round we decided to pick another place to get our pizza and we ended up getting it from Binario Zero Caffe. The pizza was affordable and good and we ended up returning a few times in the next couple of days. It was near to where we stayed hence it was convenient to pop in to get pizza while we were on our way back to the hotel.




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