2016 Santorini Day 5: Nautilus Dome | Fira | Rastoni

December 8, 2016

Starting off with breakfast again! Pretty much the same fare as the day before.

We finished our breakfast at around 10:00, then hurried to pack up our luggage to get ready to check-out at noon.

Almost forgot that I did take a picture of all the presents I received thus far from the Boyfriend. I guess I took this picture because I knew there will be no more surprises from him after the successful proposal 😅

By 11:30, I was done packing most of my stuff and was just chilling outside at the balcony with a packet of Doritos. The sun was out so it was warm out there but the sea breeze made it a lot more comfortable. I could have easily fallen asleep out there.

Look how tiny / narrow the staircases were. I wonder how the guy managed to carry my 29″ luggage up and down the stairs.

If I was the one carrying it, I probably would have roll down to the bottom bringing my luggage along with me.

The tiny reception area that is found inside this room.

After checking out of Sunny Villas at 12:00, the Boyfriend called the previous transportation company to send someone to pick us up and drove us to our next accommodation. Paid 20 euros for the ride.

📍 Nautilus Dome

We reached the place at close to 13:00 and managed to do an early check-in.

Look at how pretty the swimming pool is. I thought the cyan colour compliment really nicely with the blue sky.

Walking over to our room, which was located at the far left.

We got our own patio.

Room 101.

When you first walk in, you will see a counter and a mini-fridge on the left, and the bathroom on the right.

Next to that we have the closet with a small safe in it.

Television, and heater for use in colder seasons.

Then when you walk in, you will see a couch.

Dressing Table.

Window and door that open out to the outdoor balcony.

Click here for 360 degree view

And stair that lead to the bed.

Yes, it’s a loft unit! 😍

As much as I love the previous cave house, I think this loft is pretty awesome too! I guess you can tell that I love this place by seeing how many pictures I took!

There’s another smaller television that’s directly across the bed.

Between Sunny Villas and Nautilus Dome, I’ve no idea which one is more expensive. I love both, but if I’ve to pick one, I think I may lean to Sunny Villas just a tiny bit more?

Both has its pros and cons.

I love the view and the cave house at Sunny Villas but on the other hand, I also love the loft and the swimming pool at Nautilus Dome. Also, Nautilus Dome is closer to the main road, so it may actually be slightly more convenient.

I seriously don’t know how to pick between the two? I’m glad that I didn’t have to actually choose between the two. So good job to the Boyfriend who decides to stay in three different places during our one week stay in Santorini.

Going down again, we have the bathroom.

Click here for 360 degree view

No bathtub, but that’s okay.

I suppose you can easily tell the colour scheme here is white, blue and cyan.

Moving along to our outdoor balcony…

I think one of the reasons why I love Santorini is because it’s so different from Singapore! Over here we see high rise buildings everywhere, but in Santorini, there is none! All you see is the endless blue from the sky and sea. Everywhere is so open and quiet.

Even now that I’m looking at these pictures, the only things I see in them is calm and peace.

The Boyfriend trying to book us our next flight! We were debating on where to go for the following week and frantically checking out the air fares.

I can’t remember the exact reasons behind, but the Boyfriend brought me to walk this road around the back of our hotel and we ended up walking quite a distance before getting to a bus stop.

But because of that, we actually came across some rather beautiful churches along the way. Yes, blue domed church, that is. I think throughout the entire trip, we basically just run around looking for the blue domed church.

Why is it that every corner just looks so, so beautiful to me? Tell me I am not the only one who thinks that.

And then we came across one of the most beautiful and magnificent church we have come across thus far!

Not this one…


Click here for 360 degree view

It was so beautiful! And the best part, there’s literally no one there so we could take as many pictures as we like without worrying that we’ll be photobombed by someone. I wasn’t kidding when I said we spent so much time there just snapping picture after picture.

The feeling of discovering something so spectacular is indescribable. It probably looks ten times more majestic in real life than what it looks like in pictures.

We decided to leave shortly after because it was getting late and we still have to make our way to Fira.

A mission to take a picture from every possible angle!

Finally made our way back to the road.

We weren’t certain if we were at the correct bus stop, so we decided to go into the supermarket (that was next to the bus stop) to get a drink and also ask if we were at the right place. The staff confirmed with us that that’s the bus stop to board the bus to Fira.

There were so many buses passing by the roads and there were more than once when we thought the bus is here, only to realised that that’s not the public bus to Fira.

Arrived at Fira!

That’s the board which I mentioned previously where you can check out the routes and timings for the various buses.

Taxi stand in Fira. I heard there is only a limited number of taxi in Santorini.

Saw a recommendation online for Lucky’s and we just happened to pass by so I suggest having that for lunch. I have high hopes for their pita wrap because the place seems busy as compared to others.

Chicken pita on the left and kebab pita on the right. 2.60 euros each.

Verdict: The Boyfriend prefers the one he had at Nick The Grill > Lucky’s.

I ordered the kebab pita but I actually much preferred the chicken pita that the Boyfriend had. The one thing I like about the souvlakis at Lucky’s (more than Nick The Grill) is that they are very generous with the sauce.

It was around 18:00 after we finished our lunch and we decided to head over to take the cable car down to the old port.

Ticket is priced at 5 euros / person.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too crowded when we board the cable car so we actually managed to get a cabin all to ourselves. The journey only took us three minutes.

It was a pleasant experience. Definitely try it if you visit Fira.

📍 Old Port

Just look at that azure water.

There are various ways one can get to the old port of Santorini. Aside from taking the cable car, you can also choose to walk down the 588 steps or go on a donkey ride.

Donkey ‘taxis’ are in fact a very popular form of transportation to get down to the old port. We saw quite a number of tourists riding on the back of the donkey and made their way down to the old port. It seems quite dangerous and uncomfortable since the way down wasn’t one clear path but various zigzag. I initially thought of riding a donkey back to Fira, but on second thoughts felt bad for them. Also, it appears the Boyfriend wasn’t a big fan of animals, so we ended up still went with cable cars.

It should be one of a kind experience riding on a donkey, but for the sake of their well-being, we shall give it a miss.

Making our way up the Caldera cliffs to Fira town.

We continued to roam around aimlessly in Fira while waiting for sunset.

Click here for 360 degree view

Slowly, we start to see people crowding around looking for a spot to catch the sunset.

The view was extremely beautiful!

Click here for 360 degree view

And it gets even nicer when the sky turns dark and all the lights start to glow at night.

I have so much love for this place partly because of view like this!

I just can’t stop raving about the beauty of Santorini, can I?

Must be extremely careful of donkey’s poop while walking up / down the stairs.

Ran out of words to describe the beauty of Santorini!

It was much later, at around 21:30, when we decided to find a place for dinner.

Dinner was eventually settled at Rastoni. Which, if I’m not mistaken, the restaurant that our driver recommended to us earlier in the day.

The Boyfriend got a Crayfish Spaghetti

while I got the King Scallops and Smoked Salmon.

Initially I was still wondering where was my smoked salmon because I didn’t see any on my plate. Turns out, they were well hidden beneath the pea puree.

Total bill for our dinner came up to 63.50 euros and that’s about slightly less than SGD100.

We eventually caught the 22:30 bus back to the hotel and reached at around 23:00.

We saw a handful of people gathering around the bar watching the UEFA EURO Live on the tv, but we chose to retreat back to our room and caught it in the comfort of our bed.

Guess who ended up falling asleep before the end of the match and woke up the next day googling for the outcome of the match? 😂





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