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December 31, 2016

It’s time to do a recap of all the things that happened in 2016! This is no doubt one of my favourite blog posts to make and I realised I had been doing it since 2011. That’s a whopping six years!

Just last month, I did a blog post on “Turning 27th – 26 Highlights From the Past Year” and this post is going to be very similar to that. However, I will be adding in even more details and more pictures because after all, I’m summing up an entire year into a single blog entry. I’ve to showcase some of my favourite photos!

Once again, I will try to put a link if there happened to be a blog post associated with it.


Started off the year with a sumptuous dinner with the Boyfriend at Chili’s. It may not seem like much, but I believe it helps to put me in a chirpy mode when I know I’m starting off the year on the right foot. [ 1st January ]

Shortly after, in mid-January, we head off for our first trip of 2016 and spent slightly more than a week in Bali, Indonesia. During that trip, we were so lucky to be even the opportunities to stay in some of the most luxurious places like Alila Seminyak, Alila Villas Uluwatu and Alila Manggis. [ 14th-22nd January ]

The day after I came back from Bali, I went for my first ever Dinner & Dance organised by my then company at Suntec City! [ 23rd January ]

On the very last day of January, my family and I celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday with a visit to the Trick Eye Museum. It was so much fun to go together as a family. (I’m feeling slightly emotional going through these pictures because I know good times like this isn’t going to last forever. Seeing the smiles on my parent’s face is priceless.) [ 31st January ]



Then came Chinese New Year. Nothing beats having reunion dinner at home. Somehow it just isn’t the same as having a meal outside. I love having steamboat at home. If we’re lucky, we’ll have it once a year during Chinese New Year.

CNY 2016 was also once of the worst Chinese New Year I ever had in my life. Technically speaking, I only managed to enjoy day 1 of Chinese New Year because I felt terribly ill after that. Was rushed to A&E on day 2 because I started having rashes all over my arms and legs that morning. It was terrible! I was so sick throughout the entire Chinese New Year. Eventually, my mum brought me to see a Chinese Physician and I slowly started to feel better. This incident really taught me to never take having good health as granted. [ 7th February ]

23rd February was officially my last day of work in my previous company. It actually came sooner than expected as it turns out I had quite a number of annual leaves and time-off to clear. It was truly one of the best working environment one can have. So much better than all the other companies I had work in the past. The colleagues I came across are generally really nice and helpful. I’ve worked there for slightly more than a year and a half (from Jul-2014 to Mar-2016). Working in a government sector had also taught me a lot and I’m so glad to have given the opportunity to work in one. [ 23rd February ]

Sunday’s brunch with the Boyfriend at Aura at the National Gallery Singapore. Compared to 2015, we had been going significantly lesser to cafes for brunch in 2016. It seems like the hype for cafe-hopping in general almost seems to die down? Nowadays I don’t see that many people talking about new cafes, although there are new themed cafes like the Pompompurin Cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe and the recent Gudetama Cafe that came out this year. (I have yet to try any of the three.) [ 28th February ]



Went to dye my hair green in early March, right before my trip to Bali. I love it so much! The first time I get to try out crazy hair colour after I left my job. [ 4th March ]

Jetting off to Bali for a ten-day trip! The Boyfriend flew to Solo before that and we arranged to meet up directly in Bali. It happened to be Nyepi Day when we were there and we managed to witness how the Balinese celebrate with the Ogoh-ogoh Festival. Our stay at Alila Villas Soori and Alila Seminyak were also nothing short of amazing. [ 5th-14th March ]

From Bali, we then flew over to Jakarta for 4 days in which we got to stay in Alila Jakarta and Kemang Icon by Alila. It was also my first time visiting Jakarta. [ 14th-17th March ]

On one of the Monday in March, I went to attend a Web Analytics seminar conducted by the Boyfriend. It felt weird to spend a day sitting in class. Though technically speaking, this has nothing much to do with me, I thought I will mention it since it was my first time sitting in and witnessing the Boyfriend conducts a seminar. [ 21st March ]

By the way, I thought I will do a shout-out here. If anyone is interested, my Boyfriend (and his friends) are currently conducting web analytics courses by WACA in Singapore, Malaysia and Jakarta. (You can head over to the link to find out more.) The course will be useful for those who wish or need to learn web analytics due to his/her nature of work, or, for those who are starting their own businesses/websites. The promo price right now is USD20 for a trial lesson.


The first time stepping into Twitter office. There was some kind of event happening that day and I was forced to attend with him. [ 23rd March ]


Nothing much happened in April, aside from two trips.

The first one being a trip to Johor Bahru with the Boyfriend for a birthday’s staycation. I booked us a 2-night stay at Hotel JEN Puteri Harbour and we also made use of this trip to visit Legoland Malaysia. [ 7th-9th April ]

The second trip of the month was a family trip to Bangkok! My elder sister and I finally brought our parents to Bangkok after 20 years. Our first family trip to Bangkok was in Nov-1995 when I was in Primary 1. Thereafter, with my two sisters being born and the responsibility of being dog’s owners, we had been putting off the idea of going for an oversea trip. Now that my elder sister and I started working and my two younger sisters being a lot older, it’s easier for us to plan on travelling. Looking forward to our upcoming family trip in Mar-2017! [ 21st-25th April ]



Advance Mother’s Day celebration. Bought my mum a yam cake and we had a simple celebration at home. [ 7th May ]

The day the Boyfriend appeared at my doorstep and surprised me with BAKE cheese tarts! It was when BAKE just came in to Singapore and he had to queue two hours just to get these. [ 10th May ]

I finally went blonde! Had been wanting to do it for quite some time and I finally took the plunge and bleached my whole head. I love it at the start, but my hair was seriously damaged, dry and frizzy after that. To avoid making it worse, I don’t even dare to dye my hair as often now. Plus whatever dark colour that I put on just doesn’t stay on as well. [ 26th May ]



Started June on a great note with a ten-day trip to Hong Kong! It was a half-work-half-leisure trip. The Boyfriend was there for an event and we also had some business meetings scheduled. Still, it doesn’t stop me from hunting down all the nice food and going to Disneyland (twice)! This trip makes me realise how high the standard of living is in Hong Kong and I came to realise that I didn’t like Hong Kong as much as before. [ 1st-10th June ]


July… Oh, July… Probably one of the best month ever because that’s the month I got proposed to in Santorini.

I think I need to stop singing praise about the trip because it felt like I’ve spoken too much of it in my recent entries. The highlight is, of course, the proposal, but aside from that, the trip itself has been wonderful. Santorini is beautiful beyond words and Rome has its beauty of it owns, especially with places like the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi and the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Museum. Oh, and how can I forget about the day trip to the Grand Bazaar and Taksim Square in Istanbul! [ 5th-21st July ]

Two days after I came back from my trip, I went to the National Day Preview 2016 with my sisters! It was very lucky that my family managed to get 8 tickets through the online balloting. Had been wanting to do a blog post about that day, but I guess I had too many backlogs to clear at that time that the blog post didn’t make it out. [ 23rd July ]

Then right before the end of July, the Boyfriend and I actually flew out again to Solo, Indonesia. It was my second time visiting Solo. The first time I came (Oct-2015), I didn’t think I would had the chance to return again. Even though we were there mainly for work, we had the opportunity to visit a number of places of interest. It was quite an experience going to the waterfall at Tawangmangu and seeing how keris and batik were made. [ 29th-3rd August ]



Immediately after Solo, we flew over to Bali. My third trip to Bali this year. Once again, we got to stay in the beautiful Alila Seminyak! On one of the nights, we actually went out and had one of the best pork ribs from WAHAHA. This trip also marks the start of our Pokémon Go craze! We started playing it right before we returned from Bali and have been playing it even till this day. [ 3rd-7th August ]

Celebrated my sister’s 19th birthday with a family dinner at Astons. [ 28th August ]

Finally a trip back to Universal Studios Singapore! The Boyfriend and I decided to get the 6-month season pass for USS and so far we only been there once since August. Certainly need to make better use of the pass before it expired. [ 31st August ]



Looking back at September, there isn’t anything much that stands out to me. But if I have to pick one, it most likely going to be accompanying the Boyfriend for his interview and photo shoot for his SkillsFuture article. It’s quite heartening to see how far he had come in 2016. [ 30th September ]



October was an exciting month for me because I finally got to visit Japan! The Boyfriend was asked to go to Tokyo to do a filming for his web analytics course so of course, I had to jump on the opportunity to visit the land of the rising sun! We ended up staying there for two weeks.

Japan was such a beautiful country! I had so much fun shopping in places like Don Quijote, Disney Store, Kiddy Land, etc. And apart from going crazy on the UFO machine and capsule machine, we also made time to visit DisneySea, Cup Noodle Museum and Doraemon Museum. Oh, we also had our first try at staying in an Airbnb. [ 3rd-18th October ]

Aside from all the fun I had in Japan, October 2016 also turned out to be a very upsetting month for me and my family. It was very unfortunate that we lost my uncle due to a heart attack. The news came too sudden and no one can imagine how something like this can happen to someone who looks perfectly healthy on the outside. [ 22nd October ]



Celebrated my mum’s birthday with a family dinner! [ 6th November ]

Then comes my birthday. I turned 27! Aside from celebrating with the Boyfriend, my family also throw me a surprise birthday celebration at home. This is most likely going to be my last birthday celebration at home before I move out. [ 9th November ]

Few days after my birthday, the Boyfriend and I flew off to Bali again. My fourth trip to Bali in 2016. [ 13th-18th November ]



Celebrated my youngest sister’s 17th birthday! We went to have curry rice from Monster Curry! Six of us shared 4 plates and it was still too much. [ 6th December ]

Christmas celebration with my secondary school mates! We played secret Santa and had potluck at Boon’s place! It was really fun! [ 18th December ]

Christmas Eve! I actually have nothing planned on that day so the Boyfriend and I simply went for a lunch at Din Tai Fung and did window shopping around town. [ 24th December ]

After giving the Boyfriend his Christmas presents the night before, we met up early on Christmas day and went for a movie. I got us Platinum Movie Suites for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and was pleasantly surprised that our tickets actually came with complimentary red/white wine, popcorn and some finger foods. Later that night, we decided to head down to Changi Airport to check out the cute Pokémon display! [ 25th December ]

New Year’s Eve! How’s your NYE going? I am currently (19:39) sitting in The Coffee Bean trying to complete this blog post before 2017 arrives! [ 31st December ]

Overall, 2016 has been a fantastic year for me for the most parts. I’ve been to so many places this year. Bali (January), Bali (March), Johor Bahru (April), Bangkok (April), Hong Kong (June), Santorini (July), Rome (July), Istanbul (July), Solo (July), Bali (August), Japan (October), Bali (November).

So, so grateful for all the opportunities that came my way!

One of the key events that stood out to me this year had to be the proposal. Remember this time last year (or early this year) I was still commenting that the Boyfriend had yet to pop the question. So much has happened this year. Moving forward, we shall continue to work hard for a better future. There are so many exciting things in store for 2017 and I’m truly looking forward to that.

Thought I will mention this – 2016 is also the year I went into the idea of minimalism and decluttered a whole load of my stuff! Minimalism will always be a journey and I’m seeking to persist on and do better.

For 2017, I’m not planning to come up with any new year’s resolutions because I’ll most likely forget all the goals I set once we move down the months. Instead, my big goal and what I wish for in 2017 is to continue to grow as a person. To always be a better person than yesterday.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who had come and played a part in my life. If you are currently reading this blog, thank you.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2016 and once again, may the upcoming new year be even better!

















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  • Mike December 31, 2016 at 17:24

    Happy New Year! I hope all your wish/goals come true! And Looking forward to a very different year in 2017! Our little Home is coming!!!

    We will get our ROM cert in 2017!

    EXCITED!!! Here we come 2017!!!


  • Kwok Amanda January 4, 2017 at 08:01

    Oh no! We didn't take any photos in 2016! Love your post and I do enjoy reading them. Happy 2017 and may it be a better year than before! 🙂

  • Joanne January 5, 2017 at 06:49

    I don't think we took any pictures right? Or did we? I'll bring my camera out the next time so that we can at least take some for 2017! Happy 2017!

  • Kwok Amanda January 6, 2017 at 04:14

    Yeah, we didn't take any photos! Haha. If we did, I'm very sure you will post it! Yes, let's take some for 2017. 🙂

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