Mum’s Birthday 2016

November 6, 2016

Today’s my mum’s birthday and I just came back from a family dinner / birthday celebration. Thought I will quickly share some pictures, if not the next thing I know, we may already be in 2017.

Dinner was nothing fanciful. We had our dinner at a zichar place in Bukit Timah based on my sister’s recommendation. It was my first time there and to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the food. One of their star dishes is the Lala Beehoon Soup, which I find it to be quite mediocre. My favourite among all the dishes is probably the Yangzhou Fried Rice, followed by the Hotplate Tofu.

For the birthday cake, my sister ordered a Pulut Hitam Cake from The Pine Garden and it was something different from the usual birthday cakes that we had. The cake comes with two layers of soft sponge cake, sandwiched in pulut hitam mousse with pulut hitam bits, and top off with more pulut hitam. It makes a fairly good choice for the elders because it wasn’t too sweet.

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Thank you for bringing us up and giving us such a loving family. We love you very much and wish that you will continue to be blessed with good health. (Nothing is more important than being healthy!)

We hope you enjoyed this mini birthday celebration.

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