Steamboat & Christmas Cupcakes

January 11, 2016

Had a steamboat session at Amanda’s place a few weeks ago.

If Christmas is all about food and friends, I suppose you can call this our “unofficial” Christmas gathering.

Had a really scrumptious steamboat dinner. But as always, to me, it’s never about what food we had, but rather the time spent together. And when you group four girls together, you will have endless conversations topics. I do however, realized that, at this age, the topics we talk about include (but not limited to):

– Work
– Our partners
– Marriage
– House

Writing this down so I will remember it in the future. Haa. Hardly can recall what we used to talk about back when we were still schooling.

Thanks Amanda for hosting us and preparing all the ingredients.

Despite being overstuffed from dinner, we still managed to have cupcakes as our after-meal-desserts.

Look how pretty are these Twelve Cupcakes:

Truth is, the four of us only managed to finish three of the cupcakes.

Always enjoy spending time with them ♥


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