2017 Bangkok Day 2: Chinatown | Talad Rod Fai Night Market

May 25, 2017

Continue with Bangkok’s Day 2!

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Day time view from our hotel room.

Bangkok’s Chinatown

That morning, we decided to head down to Chinatown. The problem that accompanies a short trip is that we need to plan and prioritise the places we want to go. Aside from Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chinatown is another place we plan on going. My parents really enjoy going to Chinatown (evident from the previous trip) and to be honest, I love going to Chinatown too! The fun comes from squeezing and navigating through the narrow streets. You never know what kind of gems you might come across when shopping in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The key is to keep walking. The deeper you go, the more things you can find. But please be careful and look at where you’re going, and don’t walk into any dark or quiet alleys!

Comparing Pratunam Morning Market and Chinatown Morning Market, I find that the main difference between the two is Pratunam has a lot of stalls selling ladies apparels. Whereas in Chinatown, you will find stores selling bags, shoes, hair accessories, stuffed animals, etc. In terms of variety of items, you can definitely find more in Chinatown. Stalls in Pratunam usually require you to buy in bulk – 3 or 6 pieces at one go. While some shops in Chinatown also requires you to buy in bulk (e.g. hair accessories), most shops don’t? It’s observable that the goods sold in Pratunam are meant for wholesale, whereas in Chinatown, I would say it’s a mix.

For those who find it hard to find their way around Pratunam, Chinatown is probably worst. I can never know where is the start or the end of the shopping streets.

I always go there by taxis, and as expected, the drivers tend to drop me off at different locations. However, I will usually find my way to where the fruits stalls are and start my shopping from there. From there, I will just explore on my own and go whichever directions that I thought would have the most stuff.

This time round though, our shopping actually began even before we reached the entrance where the fruits stalls are. Either my mum or sister spotted a makeshift stall selling handmade pouches, shaped as strawberry and pineapple.

I’ve no use for them, but I still got sucked in and bought two. I foresee they will be perfect and comes in handy for a beach holiday.

And this is where I usually start my shopping.

Came across a stall nearby that sell noodles and decided to give it a try since none of us had breakfast that morning.

Simple soup noodles topped with a handful of ingredients. The soup itself was tasteless, so it’s recommended to add the sauce. Can’t remember how much a bowl cost but I guess THB50 or so?

Randomly stumbled across this stall and I got attracted by the Super Mario figure.

The price was reasonable – THB450 / SGD18 for one.

Then I was told I could get wholesale price if I get three pieces and above (able to mix and select different size and design).

Since I’m only interested in getting the Super Mario, I pulled my sister over and asked if she would like to get something so we could get them at a lower price. While my sister was contemplating whether to buy or not, the person started to pull out even more designs for us. As predicted, both of us ended up buying more than one. And for that, I got the Super Mario for just THB350 / SGD14. (We later came across a stall in Big C Super Center that sells the same thing, and we were quoted THB950 for one.)

#wefie after we conquered Chinatown. Easily spent a few hours there.

We subsequently went back to the hotel to unload all our stuff and took a rest before we continue with more shopping.

Items that I got the day before from Chatuchak Weekend Market and NEON Night Market. Bought the “Beach Please” tote bag and sling bag from Chatuchak Weekend Market for THB250.

And the stuff I got earlier from Chinatown. Spot the weaved strawberry and pineapple sling bag. Got those three for THB260 / SGD10.

After a short rest at the hotel, all of us, exclude my mum decided to head to Big C Supermarket.

I wasn’t keen on buying food/snack back to Singapore, but I still went and got some for the fianc√© instead.

These are nice! While you can find similar ones from the airport, it’s cheaper if you get them from Big C. Granted, they are under different brands, but they taste the same to me.

While on the way back from Big C, we made a quick stop at Kuang Heng (located opposite The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam) and got chicken rice back to the hotel.

Can’t go wrong with this THB50 chicken rice. The rice is fragrant, and the chicken is never too hard nor dry. You can choose either steamed white chicken, fried chicken cutlet or a combination of two.I usually went with the fried chicken cutlet.

Talad Rod Fai Night Market


Later that night, we made a trip to Talad Rod Fai Night Market, located on Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall.

We, or rather I, almost wanted to give up going to Rod Fai because the traffic in the evening is terrible, and getting a driver who is willing to drive us there without asking for an exorbitant price is very rare. Aside from asking the concierge to get us meter taxis, we also tried calling for Grab and Uber. However, it was hard to get one, and those who is willing to come over to pick us up and drop us at Seacon Square never failed to quote us more than what was stated on the app.

Eventually, after much persistence from my sister, we made it there.

My sister actually missed out on getting some frames the day before at Chatuchak Weekend Market, so she decided to get them from Rod Fai instead, even though the price was slightly higher as compared to Chatuchak Weekend Market. They are THB280 each at Rod Fai, and THB200 each at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

They’ve a booklet like this placed outside the stall indicating all the designs available.

So many designs to choose from!

Didn’t take any pictures of the actual night market because I was simply not in the mood to do so? I’ve been taking pictures the past few times I came, and for once I would like to sit back and enjoy my shopping, instead of having to fuss about taking pictures.

I supposed it’s quite evident in all the pictures I took this trip? I even bought my OSMO Mobile along, thinking I would do some filming while I’m out and about. But in the end, it was kept in my luggage throughout the entire trip because I was simply too lazy to film.

In general, I do enjoy taking pictures while I’m overseas because I love the idea of capturing my memories in frames. Plus, pictures helps when it comes to blogging. But sometimes I got so sick and tired of trying to get the perfect pictures. A part of me also finds that I’m missing out on the chance to fully enjoying myself at that moment.

This trip happened to be one of those times where I just want to take a breather and stop worrying about if I’ve enough pictures. (Then again, I ended up finding myself eager to revisit the place again just because I wanted to capture and share more on the blog! So contradicting and I’m totally judging myself for not knowing what I want!)

I did, however, take pictures of our dinner because my sister brought us to try out this stall located at the back of Rod Fai Night Market. Her friend recommends her to try out the food there, so we just blindly follows her direction. It turns out, none of us enjoyed the food? We initially ordered the noodles, but somehow our order was mixed up, and we were served the porridge instead. So we went to place a second order, and that’s how we ended up with both the porridge and the noodles. The texture of the porridge was weird? It was extremely sticky. Almost glue-like. My dad hated it.

In comparison, the noodles were much better. But overall, it was still mediocre, and I don’t think I would come back again.

My parents weren’t keen on the shopping at Rod Fai, so they decided to take a cab back to the hotel and left the four of us there to continue with our shopping. I think we stayed till past midnight? The night ended with a bowl of Thai Stir-Fry Minced Pork with Basil that we got from the food section outside, and it somehow turns out to be one of the nicest food we ate in the entire day.






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