08/2016 Bali Day 1: Breakfast at Épice Alila Solo | Alila Seminyak

January 19, 2017

3rd August 2016 – Our last day in Solo before flying off to Bali in the afternoon. Nothing much left to do, so we simply had our breakfast at Épice, before checking out Alila Solo and heading straight to the airport.

Didn’t take that many pictures during breakfast as I already took a fair share of photos in the last couple of days and I was honestly getting quite bored of shooting. What you see here (on my blog) is probably less than half of the pictures I took.

I was secretly looking forward to a more relaxing trip once we head over to Bali.

Third time back to Bali (in 2016) and third time staying at Alila Seminyak. I never failed to feel thankful for their kind hospitality every single time we were there. Even though we were there for work purposes, we weren’t obliged to do anything? I just love walking around the premises and snapping pictures of the surrounding because it was simply beautiful.

It was slightly before 17:00 by the time we reached Bali and checked in to Alila Seminyak. We were given the Deluxe Ocean Suite and will be staying here for the entire time we were in Bali (4 nights).

Deluxe Ocean Suite

I’ve shared pictures of both the Deluxe Ocean Suite and Alila Ocean Suite (and the Penthouse) in my previous blog posts, but there’s no harm posting more pictures, right? Depending on which room number you’re given, your room may look out to a slightly different view each time.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but for those who are wondering what’s the difference between Deluxe Ocean Suite and Alila Ocean Suite, the differences are:

– Room size. 60 m2 for Deluxe Ocean Suite vs. 72 m2 for Alila Ocean Suite.
– One entrance to the bathroom for Deluxe Ocean Suite vs. two entrances to the bathroom for Alila Ocean Suite.
– One set of bathroom amenities for Deluxe Ocean Suite vs. two sets of bathroom amenities (his and hers) for Alila Ocean Suite.

Aside from those, the internal design and layout look pretty much identical.


Need to remind myself to always draw down the window blind.

The view from the balcony…

In order to keep the air conditioning on, we usually just keep the balcony doors closed.

I honestly can’t remember what we did for the rest of the day but I found a picture of A&W, so I’m pretty sure we went over to Kuta Square to have our dinner.

And that’s all I have for Bali Day 1. Will be back to share more pictures of Alila Seminyak in my subsequent entries.





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