2016 Solo Surakarta Day 1: Alila Solo | AGRA

January 9, 2017

(Please bear with me as I tried my best to clear off all my overdue backlogs from 2016)

Solo Surakarta – 29th July to 3rd August 2016

My fiance Mike and I made a trip to Solo Surakarta, Indonesia at the end of July 2016. The trip was mainly due to work purposes; hence we did spend a majority of our time staying in the hotel. However, we did go to a few places of interest like the Brojobuwono Keris Museum, the waterfall at Tawangmangu and a Batik Museum. This travelogue will be logging down all the things we been through. If you’ve yet to visit Solo and plan to make a visit soon, hopefully, this will give you an idea of what the place has to offer.

From Singapore, we actually flew in to Jakarta, then took a second flight in to Solo. Arrived early in the afternoon and a staff from our hotel came to pick us up. From the airport, it took us less than or around half an hour to reach our hotel.

Alila Solo

It was my second time coming to Solo and staying in Alila Solo. My first trip was in October 2015. It appears nothing much changes from the last time I came, and it felt nice to return to a familiar place after all these while.

Check-in was processed smoothly at the lobby, and we were left to head up to our room. Once again, we were staying back in the Deluxe Room. Despite being one of the smallest room sizes they offer, it was still 40 sqm (430 sq.ft). Definitely more than comfortable for two.

Standing shower with a view

After a short rest, we went down to their main restaurant, Épice, to have our lunch.

Lunch @ Épice


Nasi Goreng Bumbu Bali – Spiced fried rice with satay, prawn crackers, pickles, condiments.

Nasi Liwet – Braised chicken, rice cooked in coconut milk, chayote soup, pindang eggs.

Mie Godhog Jogja – Egg noodle, chicken broth, shrimp, shredded chicken, beef meatballs, egg, tomato, cabbage, pickles, condiments.

I wish I could tell you more about our lunch or the food we had. But I honestly couldn’t remember much, aside from the name of the dishes. Got through our lunch with a fair bit of socialising with the hotel’s representative.

AGRA Rooftop Bar

Later in the evening, we made a trip up to the 29th floor where the rooftop bar is. Having just opened in May 2016, the rooftop bar, AGRA was a new highlight of the hotel. Open daily from 17:00 till late; it was a perfect place to chill out with friends or colleagues after work for a round of drinks or two. Every Thursday to Sunday, they also offer a different genre of music every night.

I don’t drink, so I didn’t bother to try to remember the name of the drinks, and I can’t comment much on how they taste. I do, however, appreciate the way they were presented. At the very least they look good enough for me to want to try them.

AGRA offers both indoor and outdoor seatings. On clear nights, it will be awesome to lounge out on the terrace overlooking the lights of the city. It will also be interesting to know that AGRA was the highest rooftop bar in the entire central Java.

Overall, Day 1 was pretty chilled since it was the day we arrived. The following day was much more exciting for sure since we visited quite a number of places.

All the above shot were taken with a Nikon D3300 and an Olympus EPL7 with a 40-150mm lens.

I was so disappointed that the kit lens that came with the EPL7 died on me again before the trip. It was the second time the lens had given me problem. The first time it spoiled, I went to do a trade-in at their service centre, so the lens that I was holding was, in fact, a new one that I just got in February 2016.

Just recently, the screen on the EPL7 was also broken. The flip screen won’t work, and the LED had a big, black round spot once I switched it on. I had no idea why the camera kept having issues when I didn’t drop or knock into it. It somehow just decided to stop working.

All these incidents are making me think twice the next time I thought of buying an Olympus.





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