2016 Solo Surakarta Day 3: Alila Solo | Spa Alila | Presidential Suite

January 11, 2017

Day 3 in Solo! Mike and I had no plans to head out that day so we basically just spent the entire day at the hotel, running around snapping pictures. Part of the reason why we were there was to take more pictures for our database which explains why we spent so much time taking multiple pictures of the same place or food. (I could easily take ten pictures for one plate of food!) That is also why you get to see so many pictures of the hotel and the food that we ate. All those pictures ended up going into our database for future posting.

My camera is literally filled with pictures of the same thing shoot from various angles. After awhile, they all looks the same to me.

I’m not a photographer in any way, but I do try my best and do the best I can.

Anyway, we made it for breakfast that morning! What a surprise! If breakfast is said to serve until 10:00, the earliest you can spot us at the restaurant is 09:00. Most of the time we will take our time and only go down at 09:30!

Spa Alila

After breakfast, we started to get down to business. Our first stop was to Play Alila, then Gym Alila, followed by Spa Alila, since they are all located on the same floor (Level 6).

Love the colour scheme for their spa. Once I step through the doors, the lightings and colours immediately changed my mood.

Even though they didn’t have a separate boutique (Alila Living) within the hotel, guests can still purchase signature Alila spa and body products from Spa Alila.

If you’re a fan of lemongrass, you will love their products! Majority of their spa and body products are lemongrass scented.

One of their double treatment room.

Duel pools! If I’m not mistaken, one side is filled with cold water and another with hot water. Next to the pool, there is also a separate room for sauna.

Above picture was taken in the ladies lounge. It just happens to be empty while I was there. I’ve to be sure there’s no one in here before bringing out my camera. There is another separate lounge for guys.


Presidential Suite

Later in the afternoon, we also made a trip up to the one and only Presidential Suite in Alila Solo. With 200 square metres of beautiful living space, the Presidential Suite offers exceptional space and comfort high above the city. Comes with a separate living room and dining room with full-service pantry, a fully equipped office, and a multi-function room that is ideal as a private meeting room or the perfect spot for daily workout or yoga.

Even the marble-clad bathroom is humongous! Comes with a luxurious bathtub and a walk-in rain shower on the other side.

Living room

and dining room.

This was the original setup for the dining room. But in just a few moments, it was transformed into a romantic space for dinner for two.

Alila Solo offers guest an one of a kind romantic four-course dinner for two where guests could choose to have it set up in various venues within the hotel (inside the room, next to the poolside or at the rooftop bar).

With rose pedals and lots of tea lights to light up the mood.

Alila Suite

Leaving the Presidential Suite, we then head down to Alila Suite to do the same set up for the romantic dinner. The only difference was that this time round, the setup was done at the private terrace next to the plunge pool.

Alila Solo offers four exclusive Alila Suites; each offering 90 square metres of luxurious living space that extends out to a private furnished terrace and plunge pool.



And lastly, the final shooting location was at AGRA (the rooftop bar). How can anyone give up the chance of dining under the stars! Personally, out of all the possible venues, this is where I would choose to have my romantic dinner. Dining under the stars and having a panoramic view of the city? Yes, please!

They will corner off a section for the set up of the romantic dinner so guests can still get a little privacy despite being in an open space.

Also, the view only gets better as the sun descend, and the lights around the city became more visible!

Well, that’s all for Day 3. Ended the night with a dinner set up at AGRA, courtesy of the GM of Alila Solo. We had a number of dishes, and the chef specially prepared all. Sadly, no picture was taken because the lightings weren’t ideal.

Even though we didn’t step out of the hotel, I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took in the hotel. Alila Solo is honestly a charming hotel in Solo. Every detail – furnishing, furniture used, the art piece on the wall, down to the selection of the comforter and bed sheets, everything used was top notch. Totally worth the price paid for the stay in my opinion!

Just in case it wasn’t clear, this trip was sponsored. We didn’t have to pay for our accomodation. But even if I do have to pay for it, I think the price we pay will certainly cover the service and facilities we get from the hotel. (It’s just a bonus we didn’t have to fork out the money to pay for our stay.)

Whether you are visiting Solo as a traveller or making a pit stop at Solo during one of your business trips, definitely check out Alila Solo. I’m not paid for mentioning this on my blog. In fact, I wasn’t even asked to blog about it. But I just thought I would put out all the pictures in case someone is looking for a hotel in Solo and wanted to see more actual pictures of the premises. Hope it helps.




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