2016 Solo Surakarta Day 4: Alila Solo

January 12, 2017

Moving on to Day 4… In case you missed the previous blog posts on Day 1 to 3, you can click on the links below:

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And for those who have no interest in Solo; I will be blogging about Bali after this. Do wait for me to get through all my backlogs (I stayed six days in Solo, so there’ll be another one more blog posts after this).

Similar to the previous day, Mike (my fiancé) and I stayed in the hotel for Day 4 (1st August 2016). It was eating, followed by a round of picture taking, followed by more eating.

Lunch at Épice. It was a Monday afternoon, and every weekday from 11:30 to 14:30, guest can enjoy a business lunch set at just Rp100.000. There’s a different menu for each day and for Monday, they’re having sandwich and grilled chicken (choose either one). Each set comes with starters, fruits and a free flow of iced tea or mineral water.

I thought I had taken a picture of the Business Lunch menu, but I couldn’t find a picture so most likely I have forgotten to take one.

I didn’t want to have the preset menu, so I told Mike to have the Business Lunch because I needed pictures of it but at the same time I wanted to eat something from their standard lunch menu.

You wouldn’t want to know how long I take to shot the food and how many shots I took. Thankfully, we all knew this was for work, so everyone was very accommodating. We all knew the rule – Camera always eats first, regardless how hungry we are.

Fettuccine Pesto Mushroom with Grilled Chicken for our friend.

Kakap Teluk Bayur – Pan fried red snapper fish, served with fresh carrot, cucumber, tomato, long bean and steamed rice.

This was what I chose for lunch. Usually, I will try to shot the food others were having first before I shot mine. At the very least they could start eating after I’m done shooting.

A plate of Goat Cheese Wonton (deep fried wonton filled with goat cheese and served with seasonal fruit compote) for sharing!

Everyday is a Sundae! Get to create your very own sundae with your choice of toppings at just Rp68.000 nett/person. They have so many toppings available!

After lunch, we moved on to shoot more pictures of the swimming pool at Level 6.

LARGO @ Level 6.

The place to order light bites and drinks if you’re heading to the pool.

Alila Solo do offers “Pool Pass” for non-staying guests.

Guests who wish to enjoy using the pool may purchase a ‘Foodie’ or ‘Unwind’ Package from LARGO at just Rp200.000 to gain complimentary access to the swimming pool.

Gym Alila


I’ve already shared pictures the previous time I came, so I’m not going to post more. From what I see, the gym remains pretty much the same as before.

Took this picture from the second level of the gym.

The first level is where you can find all the cardio machines, strength training and selectorized equipment whereas on the upper lever; you will find an empty area/room that meant for stretching, yoga and pilates.


Back to the lobby…


Épice Restaurant


Somehow the restaurant always appear to be empty when we’re there for lunch/dinner. I’m not sure why people are not dining there. Prices in the menu seem reasonable to me, and the food wasn’t bad at all?

Glad that they’re now doing monthly themed buffet dinner. I guess that’s something different and interesting, especially in Solo? Hopefully in the future whenever people think of Alila Solo, they will think of it as an all-rounded hotel that provides not just fantastic accommodation and service, but also delicious cuisine from around the world.

Anyway, back to our dinner…

Just looking at the colours make me happy.

Mie Godhog Jogja – Egg noodle, chicken broth, shrimp, shredded chicken, beef meatballs, egg, tomato, cabbage, pickles, condiments.

Iga Bakar – Charbroiled beef ribs cooked with Indonesian spices, served with steamed rice and urapan.

Tempe Mendoan – Thin slices of crispy battered, seasoned tempeh, sambal kecap.

General Tso’s Chicken – Crispy chicken with sweet and spicy sauce, served with steamed rice.

Finish off our meal with their Signature Cheesecake.

Nothing much to comment on the meal. I had the crispy chicken with sweet and spicy sauce, and it was pretty good.

The following day was our last full day in Solo before we leave for Bali. Made a trip back to Museum Keris Brojobuwono and we finally got down to witness how keris was crafted. After that, we also went to a place to see the printing of batik and it was quite an eye-opening experience. Check back again tomorrow if you like to see more.





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