2016 Solo Surakarta Day 2: Taman Balekambang Tawangmangu | Grojogan Sewu Waterfall | Telaga Sarangan

January 10, 2017

Started Day 2 pretty early! If my memories didn’t fail me, call time was at 08:30. Mike and I were so tired that we slept in and couldn’t even make it for breakfast that morning. As we were travelling as a group, we couldn’t afford to let the others wait for us, so we decided to skip breakfast. Quickly got on to our transport and head straight to our first destination – Museum Keris Brojobuwono.

It was quite a long drive from the hotel, and throughout the journey, I was dozing off at the back of the car.

Museum Keris Brojobuwono


Our second visit to this museum. The first time we came, the entire crew was away for an exhibition in Jakarta, so we didn’t manage to witness how keris (traditional Javanese dagger) was crafted. Thought we could finally witness it that day, but somehow, luck wasn’t on our side, and we still didn’t get to see it.

(We subsequently made a trip back again on Day 5)

Took a quick look around (saw some fossil in a cave) and we left shortly after to have our lunch.

Had our lunch at Sakaw Coffee & Bites.

Found a seat on the second floor and right after we sat down, something from a far caught my eyes. It appears to be a mini land, and we spotted sceneries like the Hollywood sign and even a mini Colosseum! I was honestly quite surprised to find a mini land in Solo.

It wasn’t part of our itinerary, but we still went ahead to ask if we could stop by after our lunch to take a look.

We ordered some local dishes for lunch, and it turns out to be quite yummy.

Taman Balekambang Tawangmangu

Glad I managed to snap a picture of the entrance, or else I would have no idea what’s the name of the place.

We had to pay a small entrance fee to get inside. Not sure how much it costs, but it shouldn’t be a lot.

Somehow the place reminds me of Haw Par Villa in Singapore.

Pricing for their in-house facilities.

There’s even a waterpark within the compound. Look at that small merlion!

Skipped the waterpark and head straight for the mini land.

As we had to rush off to our next destination, we didn’t manage to stay for long. It was no doubt a delightful discovery. I don’t think many travellers know about this place? Most of the people we saw over there appear to be locals.

My thoughts – To be honest, I don’t think it’s worthwhile to travel all the way here just to visit the mini land, as the place itself wasn’t that big. You can probably explore the entire place (and took pictures) within half an hour to an hour. As such, I don’t think it’s worth the drive. However, if you’re nearby, then definitely do come by and have a look and take some pictures while you’re there. The place makes a pretty cool backdrop in my opinion.

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Leaving Taman Balekambang Tawangmangu, we came to our next destination – the Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, or otherwise known as the Tawangmangu Waterfall.

Spotted numerous monkeys while making our way down to the waterfall. To get to the waterfall, we had to go down quite a number of steps, so it’s recommended to wear comfortable and non-slippery footwears.

I was wearing my Adidas Stan Smith that day, and it turns out to be a wrong decision because I had a slip, or rather a fall, while I was making my way towards the waterfall. (Imagine the horror of having muddy water splashed on to white sneakers!)

Mike was taking pictures somewhere on the bridge, and I was trying to get nearer to the waterfall. So I had my Nikon D3300 (that bulky DSLR) with me and was trying to carefully make my way past the big rocks to get closer. However, it was way too slippery due to the water, and I lost my balance and fell. Thankfully, someone was nearby and gave me a hand. After I had stood up, the first thing I checked was my camera. I’m certain I must had knocked on it to the rock when I fell. The second thing I checked, was to turn to look for Mike and apparently he was too caught up in the conversation he was having that he didn’t notice I fell.

Phew. I guessed I was more afraid of the scolding from him than caring if I’ve hurt myself. Which, by the way, I did. I had some bruises on my arms and legs. If you know me well, you would know that I don’t usually care if I fell and cut myself. I would usually just brush it off and continue with whatever I was set on doing. Like a little cut or blood here or there won’t matters? Mike was always surprised by my tolerance for pain.

After making sure the camera was fine, and I was fine, I continue to take some more pictures and then made my way back. The lady that came along with us on this trip actually told Mike I fell, and so he was making his way to me. I assured him I was fine, and we just hold on to each other while making our way out to the ground. To be honest, I think the chances of him slipping was far greater than me because this guy was wearing slippers! Slippers + slippery ground just don’t go hand in hand and they’re bound to cause disaster! Thankfully, we survived.

After leaving the waterfall, we took the first aid kit from the car and applied medicine to my wound. Felt so bad because I was causing unnecessary troubles for everyone.


Telaga Sarangan

Leaving Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, we made our way to our last destination – Telaga Sarangan. It was a busy small town located in East Java, with an enclosed lake right in the middle.

Quite a nice view, though it was quite foggy when we were there.

For a fee, visitors can ride around the lake by going on to one of these fast boats.

Restaurants, stalls selling souvenirs and makeshift food carts can also be found in the vicinity. I read online that there’s also a number of hotels located in this area.

Bought some local snacks to try.

Head back to our hotel right after that, and once again, I was causing trouble to everyone because the ride got too bumpy at a certain point and I had to ask the driver to stop the car so that I can literally vomit at the side of the road.

It was awful!

I totally felt like I’m a burden to everyone on this trip.

Dinner @ Épice

Being out and about for the entire morning/afternoon, we had nothing planned for the night. Hence we decided we would just stay in the hotel and had our dinner at Épice restaurant.

Kupat Tahu Magelang – Rice cake, egg noodle, tofu, bean sprouts, cabbage, celery, spiced peanut sauce.

Deep Fried Mozzarella – Mozzarella, oregano crumb, honey-paprika drizzle, tomato-basil dip.

Lava Shrimp – Crispy battered shrimp tossed in chili, honey, lime with pineapple-chili chutney.

Marinated Chicken Breast – Chicken breast marinated with olive oil garlic, herbs and lemon. Served with seasoned fries and grilled sweet corn.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese – Bubbling bowl of baked pasta, garlic focaccia, creamy four-cheese truffle sauce.

Fettuccine Pesto Mushroom – Sautéed mushrooms, creamy basil pesto, Parmesan. With additional grilled chicken.

Pineapple Tatin – Caramelized pineapple tart, mango black pepper ice cream.

Signature Cheesecake – Rich and creamy cheesecake served with daily changing topping.

The amount of food we ordered for three people.

We each ordered a main course (mine was the Mac ‘N’ Cheese) and ordered additional starters and desserts for sharing. Items like the mozzarella sticks and lava shrimp were nothing new because we also ordered them on our previous trip.

Overall, a very satisfying meal!






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