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April 20, 2017

Down to my final blog post for my Tokyo’s travelogue. On our last day in Tokyo (Day 16), we decided to make a trip to Meiji Shrine. Have meant to go there since the beginning of our trip, but somehow it just didn’t happen. So since we’ve a few hours to spare from the time we checked out of the hotel till the time we have to leave for the airport, we decided to check it out.

We checked out of our hotel at 11:00, and chose to leave our luggage with the hotel since we have to return to Shinjuku later in the day to board the bus to the airport. Don’t see the point of bringing our luggage to and fro.

From Higashi-shinjuku Station, we got on the Toei Ōedo Line and headed down to Yoyogi Station.

Coming out from Yoyogi Station, we just followed the map found at the station and found our way to Meiji Shrine.

Meiji Shrine


From Yoyogi Station, the nearest entrance to get to Meiji Shrine is through the northern entrance. Whereas if you’re coming from Harajuku Station, the nearest entrance would be the southern entrance.

Please wear comfortable shoes because you do need to walk a distance from the entrance to the main hall.

Meiji Shrine is open from sunrise to sunset and admission is free.

Before entering the main hall, visitors are expected to wash their hands and mouth as a form of purification.

I’m sure you have seen this everywhere online.

For those visiting the shrine, they can purchase a wooden plate/tablet for JPY500 and pen down their wishes before hanging them below the tree.

Purchase the tablet from the counter here.

Since we were there, we decided to each get one to write down our well wishes for both ourselves and families.

Such a beautiful day!

“Meoto Kusu”

While I was busy snapping pictures, the fiancé spotted these and forced asked me to pray / make a wish before the trees. So I did and prayed for a blissful marriage.

Despite being there for only a short while, we were lucky to witness a traditional wedding ceremony at the courtyard. Managed to capture a short clip on camera.

Before leaving, we also went to get some “lucky charms”. The booths are located right near to the entrance, so it’s hard not to spot it. The first time we saw these was when we were at Senso-ji Temple, but I didn’t get any back then. So this time round, I decided to get them for my parents. In the end, the fiancé got me one that is meant for good luck, and I got him one in return that is meant for safe travels.

Once we got back to the hotel, we picked up our luggage and hailed a cab to Shinjuku Station.

Was figuring how we should get to the airport. Either we followed the same way we got here (by boarding the Skyliner/Narita Express), or we could try something different (which is to board the Airport Limousine). In the end, we decided to be adventurous and chose to go with the Airport Limousine.

We were lucky that our taxi driver dropped us right outside the Airport Limousine counter, saving us the trouble of finding our way there.

The pick-up point is right outside Shinjuku Station.

Purchased our tickets through these counters. Tickets are priced at JPY3,100 for adults and JPY1,550 for children to get to Narita Airport.

For us, it didn’t take long for the bus to arrive.

Before boarding, there was a staff asking which airline we’re taking, before proceeding to tag our luggage with a colour tag. The colour tag will allow the staff to know which luggage are the one that needs to be unloaded at the different terminals.

Here’s how it looks like inside the bus.

If I’m not mistaken, from Shinjuku Station, the bus will drive to another one or two pick-up point to pick up more passengers, before heading to the airport. I believe I slept through most of the journey and before we knew it, we have arrived at Narita Airport.

Once the luggage were loaded off the bus, we then just picked up our pieces accordingly.

Our flight was at 18:10 and I believed we arrived at the airport before 16:00? Can’t remembered exactly what time we arrived, but it was enough for us to do some shopping and had a meal before boarding.

Spotted a Pokemon Store at the airport (Terminal 2).


There are two sides (located right next to each other). One side carries all the tech stuff, soft toys, trinkets, etc.

Whereas the other side is the food section.

I went a little crazy at the food section because I had planned to buy them back for my family. Everyone I know or every Tokyo’s haul I saw seems to be filled with Japanese snacks, and I was looking forward to finally buy some back to Singapore.

Already told the fiancé beforehand that I’m planning to do all my food shopping at the airport; hence I didn’t get any previously when we were at Tokyo Station. Also, some, if not most of the snacks have a pretty short shelve life, so it’s best to keep the shopping until the very end of the trip.

Though I’m not a big fan of Tokyo Banana, I thought my sister and dad might like it, so I ended up buying a few boxes back.

It’s quite scary to see how fast we were loading our shopping baskets. We just kept adding more as we walked around the store. Is it because of FOMO? But everything looks so good especially when they’re in their nice and cute packaging.

We thought it was so funny when we saw this empty shelf. A moment ago it was full, and then they were all gone.

In the end, our total damage was more than SGD350.

Quickly left the store after that before we fell deeper into the black hole. Found a restaurant and decided to settle down for our last authentic Japanese meal in Japan.

JPY2,880 for two set meals.

We then had our in-flight meal at around 20:00 (SG time). Love the miso soup!

Custard pudding ice cream for dessert.

We eventually arrived back in Singapore after midnight. Here’s a look at my return luggage:

I went with one 29″ luggage and came back with two more bags. (I even have stuff left in the fiancé’s luggage. Like the gachapon machine that we got from Tokyu Hands and the Pikachu plush we caught from the arcade.) The one further on the right contains the stuff I bought from Narita Airport.

Tokyo’s Haul

Thought I would end off this post with a Tokyo’s Haul. I love looking at travel’s haul! Most of the time, I will search for them through blogs or YouTube videos before my trip, hoping that they would give me a better idea on what to get.

Below are most of the things that I bought during my 16 days trip to Tokyo. Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration on what to get on your holiday.

Starting off with food items.

Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人, Tokyo Banana, Wasabi Nuts, Jaga Pokkuru, The Strawberry Cake from Ginza, KitKats and a bottle of wine.

Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人. I believe they have different ones available (i.e. white chocolate, dark chocolate, mix) but I bought all in white chocolate. Got them in two different sizes. The bigger box contains 24 pieces, whereas the smaller box contains 18 pieces.

Tokyo Banana. (From L-R) Banana Shake, Maple Banana, Original and Banana Caramel Custard.

These one are the medium size boxes that contain 8 pieces. They also have them in 4 and 12 pieces.

The Strawberry Cake from Ginza. Light and fluffy sponge cake is filled with rich strawberry cream surrounded by a layer of milk cream. Comes from the same company that produce Tokyo Banana.

Jaga Pokkuru. This taste nothing special to me. Taste just like the usual Calbee potato sticks.

Various KitKat. Only the Hokkaido Melon, Wasabi and Shinshu Apple flavours were bought from the airport; the others were purchased from the drugstores.

One of my favourite. I think they call this the “Everyday Luxury” KitKat. Love the nutty taste that comes from the finely chopped almond. I got this from Don Quijote.

Japanese Sake KitKat.

Strawberry KitKat.

Dark Chocolate.

Rum and Raisin. I shared a box with the fiancé, hence I didn’t have the original packaging with me.

Wasabi KitKat. Bought this as a gift so I have no idea how it tastes like.

Shinshu Apple.


Hokkaido Melon. All the other KitKats that I got comes in 2 pieces, while this comes in 4 pieces/pkt. A box like this contains 10 packets.

Anki-Pan Rusk from Doraemon Museum.


Wasabi Nuts bought from Narita Airport.

This is so pretty! Bought this from the airport too.

These two bottles were gift from our Japanese friend. They call these “sweet sake”? The taste certainly wasn’t as strong or spicy as compared to other sake. So for those who don’t drink alcohol, can consider trying this.

Personalised cup noodle from the Cup Noodles Museum.

From the Cup Noodles Museum, I also bought these note pad, a set of magnets and a TAKARA TOMY NISSIN Cup Noodle car.

This is so cute! After writing at the back of the note, you can fold it and turn it into a cup noodle.

Lucky Charms from Meiji Shrine.

From Kiddy Land, I got a Pikachu sling pouch, an Alice in Wonderland coin purse and an Ariel key chain.

Got all these from the Disney Store in Shibuya.


These were on sale (50% off) when I bought them.

Not sure what you call these. But basically, you just attach them onto the back of your phone, so they act as a stand when you place your phone on the table.

Random stuff bought from Daiso, Tokyo Hands and Asakusa.

From Daiso, I also got these 2017 Dairy. Only JPY100 each.

Moving on to items from the drugstores…

Roihi Tsuboko Medicated Pain Relief Patches. Happened to come across this (at a lower price) from the drugstore below our hotel, and I remembered seeing great reviews online, so I decided to get a few boxes.

LION Kyusoku Jikan. This seems to be another popular item from the drugstore. Gave it a try while I was in Japan and, to be honest, I didn’t quite like it. Basically, you just stick them under your feet or behind your legs, and it will give off a cooling sensation. Personally, I don’t think it helps much for aching or tired legs.

Comes with three packs in a box and each pack contains 6 pieces.

DHC Vitamin C tablets.

Unicharm Silcot Uruuru Sponge Facial Cotton Pads. Ranked number one on COSME, this cotton pad is one of the highly raved and popular item to get from the drugstore. This unique sponge cotton sheets only requires half of the usual amount of facial lotion/toner/water. Once the cotton pad is soaked with products, you simply tear it into half and place them on your cheeks like a facial mask. The curved outline of the pad enables it to fit nicely below your eyes.

I only bought two boxes to try. The first thing I noticed is that the cotton pad is significantly bigger than the usual cotton pad and it has a sponge-like texture. It also has the ability to retain water better as compared to the usual cotton pad.

I subsequently found this at JEM’s FairPrice Xtra, so for those who are keen to try, you can actually get them locally.

Various facial masks and eye masks.

LuLuLun and BABYISH are some of the more affordable face masks that you can get from the drugstore. Price is around JYP300 / JPY400. They come in a zip lock bag and inside contains seven pieces, meant to use daily for a week.

I only tried one of the LuLuLun ones, and I’m not a huge fan of it. Didn’t see much whitening or moisturising effect after using, so I guess I would just keep to my usual face masks.

Other beauty items – mainly make-up. DHC lip balm (tinted / non-tinted), Love Liner liquid eyeliner, Love Liner Treatment Mascara, Kanebo Suisa Beauty Clear Powder, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Integrate Liquid Foundation, Naturie Skin Conditioner, and etc.

Can see that I got quite a number of Disney themed items.

Eye Drops. Lycée Contact Eye Drop is another highly recommended product to get. It gives off a slightly cooling sensation when used.

My sister asked me to get her the FX NEO Eye Drop as it was recommended by one of her friends. I’ve never tried it, but I guess it should work the same.

I regretted not getting more eye drops when I was in Japan because I really love the cooling sensation that comes from them especially when I got dry and irritated eyes.

Some medicated gel that can be used as a replacement for plasters. Basically, you just squeeze out a small amount and spread it out against your cuts/wound, and it will help to form a protective layer. The gel is translucent and is also water resistant.

One thing though, it does sting a little when you put it on open wounds.

SCOTCHGARD from 3M. Spray this on your clothes, bags and shoes, and the items will become water repellant. To prolong the effect, you do have to continue to spray it every once in a while.

I went to a few places and eventually found this at one of the convenience stores.

My new PANDORA weaved bracelet in pink and a Paper Crane Dangling Charm.

Duffy merchandise from Tokyo DisneySea. Got a key chain that look almost similar to my popcorn bucket. It was a last minute purchase when the fiancé insist I get something from the store.

Pokemon Great Ball caught from the arcade for JPY200!

And last but not least, two Pikachu that I caught from the arcade.

You know in Japan they have a regulation whereby once you bought something from the drugstore and claims for tax-free, they will seal your bags and technically, you’re not supposed to open the bags and use the items until you leave Japan? (They will also staple all the receipts inside your passport.)

We didn’t know if we should obey the rules, so we asked our friends in Japan, and according to them, the custom won’t usually open up and check the bags? So we took a gamble and opened up some of the bags. Mainly because I wanted to test out some of the stuff I bought to see if I like them. If I do, then I would want to go back and get more before I leave Japan.

Luckily, on the day that we left Japan, we managed to breeze through the check-in counter, immigration, etc. True enough, they didn’t ask to check the items, though our passports were full of receipts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Sorry, it took me so long to complete the entire Tokyo’s travelogue because I really want to be as details as I can so the posts took longer to draft. Hopefully, these blog posts will be useful for those planning to visit Tokyo.

If you missed out on any of the earlier blog posts, you could check them out below.

Will try to get down to blog about Bali, Bangkok and Taipei soon after this. Until then…

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