2016 Tokyo Day 12: Shibuya 109 | Kiddy Land

April 4, 2017

Tokyo Day 12!

Woke up early and decided to join the fiancé for breakfast before he left for work. Initially, we thought our stay might come with complimentary breakfast from the hotel. But as it turns out, it didn’t, and we would have to pay if we like to dine at the small cafe found on the first floor. Went to check out what’s available at the cafe and they didn’t appeal to us, so we decided to head to the nearby McDonald’s for breakfast. Just nice the fiance can head straight to work right after that as the building he’s working at was just right behind the corner.

The McDonald’s has two stories; with all the seating at level 2. Managed to find a seat next to the window.

I still remember sitting there filming my first Instastory on Instagram.

Can never go wrong with breakfast from McDonald’s. Two sets of breakfast for JPY830.

While the fiancé head to work after breakfast, I returned back to the hotel to chill, before heading out at 11:00.

Before I leave, I made sure to save the necessary maps that I need on places I’m heading to. It will be a lot easier if I’ve bought a data SIM card. But since I didn’t, saving the maps to my phone would be useful.

Went to meet up with the fiancé to drop off the thing he asked for, before heading to the nearby train station, Higashi-shinjuku (东新宿). My plan for the day was to head to Shibuya as I would like to visit Shibuya 109, LOFT and Disney Store.

From Higashi-shinjuku Station, I board the Fukutoshin line and Shibuya Station is merely four stations away! Eventually arrived at Shibuya at noon and followed the underground to Shibuya 109.

To be honest, after making my way to Takashimaya on my own the day before, I was still feeling nervous to go out alone when I’m in overseas. But I think with time; it slowly gets better. It wasn’t as scary as I would imagine. While I still prefer shopping with the fiancé, I believe that it makes a different experience shopping alone. For one, I could go to the shops and look at girly accessories, cosmetics without worrying he will get bored.

Shibuya 109 to me was disappointing. Perhaps it was because I didn’t know what to look for, or perhaps I was there at the wrong time. The clothes they carry were mainly meant for the colder weather, so I don’t see the point shopping for clothes since I know I couldn’t wear them in Singapore.

They started selling Christmas ornaments at the Disney Store!

Didn’t take any more pictures of Disney Store since I already took some when I first came here on Day 4. I wanted to pick up a few more items; hence I decided to drop by the store for one last time. Ended up purchasing more than JPY5,000 worth of stuff so that I could entitle to tax-free.

Seeing that it was still early, I decided to leave Shibuya and head to Harajuku. Was originally planning to go to Meiji Shrine, but I decided to wait for the fiancé and find a day to go together before the end of our trip.

Friday afternoon at Takeshita Street. No matter when I come, this place seem to be always filled with people.

I actually have no intention to visit Kiddy Land because somehow I have the idea that they only sell Sanrio character items. The fiance and I walked past the store once the previous time we came to Harajuku, and I didn’t think of going inside.

Little did I know they actually carry so much more! So glad I went in because the place is as nice to shop as the Disney Store. Not only do they carry Sanrio items, they also have Disney, Pokemon, Doraemon, Snoopy and etc.

Managed to find the Snorlax plus that my sister asked for.

That Sulley cushion is one of the softest thing I ever touch.

Disney Hotel Room Keyring. Of course, I got Ariel’s one that state the year I’m born. Different character has different year printed on the keyring base on the year the character was born/created. It just happened that Ariel first appears in 1989 and seeing that it was the last one of the shelve, I have to get it.

It was approximately 18:00 when I got back to the hotel. Board the train from Meiji-jingumae Station, and it only takes three stations to get back to Higashi-shinjuku Station.

Here are what I bought.

The staff at Kiddy Land even offer to help me wrap up the Snorlax plush.

Waited for the fiancé to get back before we headed out for dinner. Showed him pictures of the mini capsule station that I saw the day before at Tokyu Hands and he agrees to get that for our new house. Planning to turn a corner of our new house to showcase all the gashapon toys we got in the last few years, and the capsule station will fit right inside.

A comparison next to an actual gashapon machine.

It looks so tiny when placed side by side to the actual machine.

We got it in the end, after testing it out in store to make sure that it works. It retails for JPY6,500 which is slightly more than SGD80.

You can actually insert real JPY100 coin into the machine, so we made sure to keep some coins before we leave Japan.

Got waffles from a store we came across. Nothing beats having warm waffles in the cold.

Dinner that night was at 伞寿司本店 found within Shinjuku area.

We didn’t even order that many items but the meal came up to JPY3,030. I remembered the chawanmushi was relatively expensive though I can’t recall how much exactly it costs.






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