2016 Tokyo Day 10 & 11: 光面 | Takashimaya Shinjuku | Tokyu Hands

April 3, 2017

Combining Tokyo Day 10 and Day 11 together because I actually didn’t do much on Day 10, aside from heading out for dinner. The fiancé was away the entire day for his filming, while I stayed in the hotel room the whole time clearing work and working on a blog post. He did return midday (at 14:00), and went out at 15:00, before returning at 19:00.

Guessed I finally got a taste of what it’s like to tag along on your partner’s work trip. While he/she is away for work, you basically need to find your own programme to fill up your day. For me, that’s to stay in the comfort of the hotel room and finish up on work.

After he returned, we headed out for dinner. I didn’t realised the day had gone by without me having breakfast or lunch.

We also took the chance to exchange currency at one of the nearby money changer as we were running out of cash. The exchange rate wasn’t as good as Singapore but it was the highest we could find in Shinjuku.

Thereafter, we made a quick stop at Uniqlo to get more shirts for him, before finally settled down at a restaurant called 光面 to have dinner.

The ramen we ordered didn’t turn out as nice as we expected but at least we were no longer hungry. They weren’t awful in anyway, just that we would expect it to be nicer. As you can see from the above pictures, the dishes were served seperately from the ramen. Only the ramen was warm/hot; while the dishes was cold (of room temperature).

I’m generally not very fussy with my food. As long as it’s something I eat and can fill my hunger, I’m good.

It costs us JPY2,100 for our meal.

After dinner, we just continue to walk around the area and eventually stumbled across a pretty looking drugstore. Went inside, and while I was looking around, the fiance went to browse through the shelving and eventually picked up a lip gloss for me.

I wasn’t even a lip gloss user so naturally I just told him I didn’t want it. But he claims that the gloss was special because after applying it on top of your lipstick, it will lock down the colour and prevent transfer. Seeing how sincere and excited he was in a lip gloss, I decided to just let him get it for me.

I guess the reason why I decided to type it all out is because I want to remember moments like this. I think it’s sweet when your boyfriend pick up something that he thinks will suit you. Don’t we all agree that sometime guys just don’t pay attention to the makeup we got? To them, every brand of lip colour looks the same. So when he’s willing to comb through the shelve and pick up something for you, it’s worth remembering!

Tokyo Day 11

After staying in the hotel room for almost the whole of yesterday (Day 10), I decided to head out alone that day.

The fiance left that morning at 09:00 for his filming and instead of staying in the hotel like I did the day before, I decided to venture out on my own. The plan was to find my way to Takashimaya Times Square!

To be honest, I was a little scared that I might lose my way since I wouldn’t have internet connection once I step out of the hotel. (Another disadvantage of staying in a hotel, or rather the advantage of staying in an Airbnb, is that they provide you with a portable wifi device. Since we left our Airbnb, we no longer have a portable wifi device, and we didn’t plan to get a data SIM card. Hence we were prepared to travel out without an internet connection.)

To minimise the possibility of me losing my way, I make sure to download a copy of the map on my phone. So in the scenario that I can’t remember my way back to the hotel, at least I would have something I could refer to.

Left the hotel at around 13:00. I knew it was cold outside, but I didn’t expect it to be that cold. It was 17 degrees out there, and I was wearing a sleeveless dress with legging. Crazy!

Too lazy to make an u-turn back to the hotel to get my jacket hence I decided to brave the cold. Fortunately, it only took me half an hour to find my way to Takashimaya.

Spot the Don Quijote right in front. Glad to have one just 5 minutes walk away from our hotel.

While I’m on my way to Takashimaya, I came across a Starbucks store and decided to head inside to see if they carry the L.E. Starbucks tumbler that our friend was looking for.

So happy to find out that they carry it. (Not the one shown above) Each city comes with one, and I managed to get him the one for Tokyo.

📍 Takashimaya Shinjuku

Achievement unlocked when you managed to find the exact spot that is shown in the pictures found online.

One of the main reasons for coming to Takashimaya is to help my sister check out the bags from BAO BAO Issey Miyake. It’s at least a few hundred cheaper to get them in Japan as compared to buying it locally.

I’m not supposed to take pictures, but I managed to take a few pictures for my sister sneakily. (Thanks to the free guest’s wifi in Takashimaya.)

While she decides whether she like to get the bag, I decided to go ahead with my shopping at Tokyu Hands. The Tokyu Hands in Takashimaya is seven storeys high spreading from a corner of the 2nd floor up till the 8th floor.

I wasn’t looking to buy anything. Just thought that I would take a look around. But guess what? I ended up spending a significant amount of time at the stationery station looking at random stuff like puzzle and greeting cards.

Door stopper at JPY1,980.

Spotted a mini size capsule station!

The puzzle that I’m talking around. I bought the Stitch one.

And this Princess one. The puzzle is semi-transparent (stained) and looks beautiful in a clear frame. Was thinking of buying the wooden frame too but I figured it was too bulky and difficult to pack in my luggage.

I actually saw some stores selling these puzzles in Singapore right after I came back so I don’t think it would be a problem getting the frame when I need it.

Ariel’s pop-up wedding card! So pretty! But I didn’t have anyone to gift it to hence I didn’t get it in the end.

Done with my shopping at Tokyu Hands, I went to search for the Disney Store (also found in Takashimaya).

The store was much smaller than the other two I went to previously. Took a quick look around before I left Takashimaya.

Leaving Takashimaya, I made my way to Isetan. It was 16:30 and I was getting hungry. So I thought of buying some food before I return to the hotel. Was pretty confident that I’m going to find them at the food mall in Isetan.

Spotted some pretty cakes! They were pretty expensive, though. Each slice easily cost more than SGD7.

But I couldn’t resist the strawberry shortcake, so I got one for myself and another one for the fiancé. Since he wasn’t there, I got to pick the ones that I like. He was laughing at me later that night because I got him the one with grapes on top and he was saying since when he like’s grapes.

I only stayed 30 minutes at Isetan, before making my way back to the hotel. Reached the hotel right before 17:30. Look at the number of bags I have from just a few hours of shopping!

Two cakes from Henri Charpentier.

Sandwich, crabstick and milk tea from the mini mart below our hotel.

Steamed har gao and a seafood fried rice from the food mall in Isetan.

The hotel has a microwave available at level 3, so I went down and heated up my food before coming up again.

Later that night, the fiancé and I met up with once of his Japanese friend, Takashi, for dinner. He asked what we like for dinner, and we said we wanted to go somewhere where the locals eat. Ended up, he brought us to a standing Yakitori place for dinner. (It was a short distance from our hotel, so we didn’t even have to take any public transportation.)

No pictures from dinner because I don’t feel comfortable to snap pictures especially when it was my first meeting with Takashi. I heard the fiancé mentioning his name a few times in conversation, but I’ve never seen him in person (back when he was in Singapore). Can’t believe the first time we met was in Tokyo.

While we enjoyed the food, the fiancé and I both agree that we would never have discovered the place or dine there if it was just the two of us. It was a small stall tucked in one corner, and there’s no pictures/menu in sight. What’s available is printed on a list in Japanese. So there’s no way we could explain or order our food without knowing how to speak/read Japanese.

Well, at least we got to try it once, thanks to Takashi.

After dinner, Takashi also brought us to a place for dessert and drinks. The place is called Renoir Ginza, and according to him, it’s a Japanese chain cafe. Similar to Starbucks, just that the price point is slightly higher in comparison.

This time, I got pictures because Takashi asked if we like to take pictures before we eat. That’s what tourist do when they are in overseas right?





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