April 2017: Bali’s Travelogue

July 23, 2017

Now that Taipei’s travelogue is done and dusted, I can finally move on to blog about my last trip to Bali, Indonesia. The trip was memorable, to say the least!

I was there with the Husband (then Fianc√©) in April/May 2017 for close to a month. Be it for leisure or not, this was by far the longest we’ve been out of Singapore. I wish I could say we were there for a holiday, but honestly, we were there mainly for work as some of our clients are Indonesia based. That’s why you never see me really stop blogging about Bali! To be frank, I was getting bored of writing about Bali. Being creatures of habit; it seems like we have been going back to the same places every time we were back in Bali. All our past trips seem dull and boring.

But! This trip was different and special.

Aside from staying in new resorts, we got to explore the beautiful Ubud! A place where we never really been to (except that one time when we were there for a meeting) despite our past visits to Bali. Not only that, but we also get to experience more – i.e. going for cooking class in Ubud, catching the beautiful sun rise in Manggis, explore the southern beaches and did stand up paddle board yoga in Uluwatu! Those experience were so amazing and precious! I feel like I’ve finally see Bali in a different light ever since my first trip in 2011.

There is so much I want to share!

Having said that, I don’t think anyone would be interested in my day to day itinerary. (Some days were pretty boring.) As such, I’m going to break it down by the accommodation that we stayed during the trip. Since it was such a long trip, we got to stay in ten different hotels/resorts. For places where we spent more time on (such as going out for activities), I would then break it down to separate entries. Hopefully, this will make it clearer and more concise. I certainly hope you will find these blog posts useful, especially if you plan on visiting Bali. Bali is so much more than just beautiful beaches. There is actually so much more to the place, culture and people. Plus, being just less than three hours away from Singapore, Bali is an ideal travel destination for those looking for an affordable vacation out of Singapore.

Cooking Class at Alila Ubud Bali |
Catching Sunrise at Manggis Bali |
Journey to the Southern Beaches Bali |
Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Uluwatu Bali |

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