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Things I Bought From Taobao for My Wedding |

Things I Bought From Taobao for My Wedding

It has been almost eleven months since I had my customary wedding and I’m finally ready to blog about it. I’m sorry it took so long due to the many backlogs I had to clear. While I’m excited to start uploading all the pictures…

September 17, 2019

What I Got in Taiwan | Taiwan Haul 2018

I’m so glad that I managed to clear my last post for my Taiwan travelogue last night! While there are still many videos left to edit, I thought I will wrap up this trip with a Taiwan Haul! It has been a while since…

July 26, 2018
Mini ColourPop Haul 2017 |

Mini ColourPop Haul 2017

I’m back with another haul today, and this time around, it’s from ColourPop! Despite having so much hype on this brand, this is only my second order from them. My first order was back in early-February when I decided to try out a couple…

December 20, 2017
Huge Sephora Haul |

What I Got From Sephora | Huge Sephora Haul 2017

It has been a while since I last did a beauty related post. While I haven’t been talking or sharing about them as much as I used to in the past, the truth is, I’ve never really stopped buying and trying out new products.…

December 6, 2017
2016 Tokyo | Meiji Shrine |

2016 Tokyo Day 16: Meiji Shrine | Departure | Tokyo Haul

Down to my final blog post for my Tokyo’s travelogue. On our last day in Tokyo (Day 16), we decided to make a trip to Meiji Shrine. Have meant to go there since the beginning of our trip, but somehow it just didn’t happen.…

April 20, 2017
2016 Bangkok Haul |

2016 Bangkok Haul

Just came back on Monday from my 5D4N trip to Bangkok. Before I start unpacking all the items, I thought I will show you what I got from the trip. Let’s start with a Bangkok Haul before I move on to blog about the…

April 29, 2016