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2016 Tokyo | Meiji Shrine |

2016 Tokyo Day 16: Meiji Shrine | Departure | Tokyo Haul

Down to my final blog post for my Tokyo’s travelogue. On our last day in Tokyo (Day 16), we decided to make a trip to Meiji Shrine. Have meant to go there since the beginning of our trip, but somehow it just didn’t happen.…

April 20, 2017
2016 Tokyo | Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum | Doraemon Museum |

2016 Tokyo Day 14: Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum | Doraemon Museum

For those who have missed the previous entry, you can click here to read “2016 Tokyo Day 14 Part 1: CUPNOODLES MUSEUM” before continuing with this post. Continue from where I left off… Right after we left the Cup Noodles Museum, we had to…

April 13, 2017

2016 Tokyo Day 14: CUPNOODLES MUSEUM

Tokyo Day 14: The day we went up to Yokohama to visit the Cup Noodles Museum and Doraemon Museum. I’m breaking this post into two parts. The first part will be on Cup Noodles Museum, while the second part will be on Doraemon Museum.…

April 10, 2017
2016 Tokyo | Akihabara - Gachapon Kaikan |

2016 Tokyo Day 13: Akihabara | Gachapon Kaikan | 人形町今半

There are several places in Tokyo that I would like to visit. And as a gachapon collector, Akihabara happened to be one of those locations. The reason why I wanted to check out Akihabara is because of the place called Gachapon Kaikan (ガチャポン会館). Based…

April 5, 2017
2016 Tokyo | Harajuku Kiddy Land |

2016 Tokyo Day 12: Shibuya 109 | Kiddy Land

Tokyo Day 12! Woke up early and decided to join the fiancé for breakfast before he left for work. Initially, we thought our stay might come with complimentary breakfast from the hotel. But as it turns out, it didn’t, and we would have to…

April 4, 2017