2017 Bali: Review | Tirtha Bridal Bali | Villa Tirtha

July 25, 2017

Thrilled to start blogging about Bali! While the Fiancé and I were in Bali four times last year, so far we’ve only been back to Bali once in 2017. I supposed we made it up by extending our trip to nearly one month long. It wasn’t meant to be that long. But due to our pre-wedding shoot, we ended up had to be in Bali earlier than expected. At the moment, we have no plans on going back to Bali,…

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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga |

April 2017: Bali’s Travelogue

Now that Taipei’s travelogue is done and dusted, I can finally move on to blog about my last trip to Bali, Indonesia. The trip was memorable, to say the least! I was there with the Husband (then Fiancé) in April/May 2017 for close to…

July 23, 2017
Taipei Ximending Mala Hot Pot 马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅 |

2017 Taipei: Mala Hot Pot 马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅

For the last of my Taipei’s travelogue, I decided to share with you an awesome hot pot/steamboat place known as Mala Hot Pot 马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅! Mala Hot Pot 马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅 Located in the heart of Ximending, Mala Hot Pot 马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅 offers a supreme spread of hot…

July 22, 2017
Taipei Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市 |

2017 Taipei: Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市

Raohe Street Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市) – Easily one of my favourite night markets among the few that we went to on this trip. Somehow, it reminds me of what it’s like shopping in Bangkok. Rows and rows of makeshift stalls, where you get to…

July 12, 2017