Things I Bought From Taobao for My Wedding |

Things I Bought From Taobao for My Wedding

It has been almost eleven months since I had my customary wedding and I’m finally ready to blog about it. I’m sorry it took so long due to the many backlogs I had to clear. While I’m excited to start uploading all the pictures…

September 17, 2019
Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 at Jurong Lake Gardens |
Life Singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 | Jurong Lake Gardens

How was your Mid-Autumn Festival? I have initially planned to do up this post on Friday but, unfortunately, life gets in the way, and that didn’t happen. I mainly want to come over here to recount this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival because somehow it was…

September 16, 2019
August 2018 Bangkok | Liab Duan Night Market |

08/2018 Bangkok Day 8: Chinatown | Liab Duan Night Market

Chinatown It has been more than a week since we came to Bangkok and we finally made it to Chinatown that morning. Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown had been my must visit each time I came to Bangkok. It’s hard to explain why I like…

September 11, 2019
August 2018 Bangkok | Greyhound Cafe - Fettuccini with Shrimp and Mushroom Cream Sauce |

08/2018 Bangkok Day 6: Siam Greyhound Cafe | Pancake House

Started our day pretty late at around 15:00 or 16:00? First stop of the day was making a trip back to the tailor at Amari Watergate Hotel. If I’m not mistaken, I believe we managed to collect the Husband’s suits that afternoon. Glad I…

August 28, 2019
August 2018 Bangkok | INDY Market |

08/2018 Bangkok Day 5: Union Mall | INDY Market

Day 5 in Bangkok! Spent our afternoon at Union Mall. Union Mall Union Mall shouldn’t be new to anyone since it has been around for quite a while. Many people like to compare it with Platinum Fashion Mall, and even go to the extent…

August 27, 2019
August 2018 Bangkok | Grand Diamond Suites Hotel - Junior Suite |

08/2018 Bangkok Day 4: Review | Grand Diamond Suites Hotel

Waking up to our last morning at Centara Grand at CentralWorld. We later check-out the hotel at noon and proceed to our next accommodation at Grand Diamond Suites Hotel. Grand Diamond Suites Hotel This was our first time staying at the Grand Diamond Suites…

July 25, 2019