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Bali Batik Making |

2017 Bali: Goak Batik Bali | Batik Making

After a visit to Payangan Market in the morning and a cooking class at Alila Ubud’s Organic Garden, it was time for our second Alila Experience of the day – Batik Making! Made our way to the lobby at 15:00. There we met up…

September 3, 2017
Bali Alila Ubud Introduction to Balinese Cuisine |

2017 Bali: Alila Ubud | Introduction to Balinese Cuisine

Following a trip to Payangan Market and breakfast at the Plantation Restaurant, it was time for our cooking class. The cooking class forms the second part of our Alila Experience: “Introduction to Balinese Cuisine”. Class starts at 10:30; the Fiancé and I promptly made our…

September 2, 2017
Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel |

2017 Bali: Review | Tirtha Uluwatu | Glass House

If you have yet read my review on Villa Tirtha, you can check it out here. It explains more on our stay with Tirtha Bridal. In this post, I will cover Tirtha Uluwatu (Wedding Chapel) and the Glass House. Both of which are still…

July 27, 2017