Taiwan Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center | joanne-khoo.com

2018 Taiwan: Pier 2 Art Center | Ruifeng Night Market

Day 6 in Taiwan! Woke up at around 11:00 ~ 12:00, hence we only managed to head out at 14:00. The plan for the day was to visit Pier 2 Art Center (駁二藝術特區) and head to Ruifeng Night Market (瑞丰夜市) at night! To get…

July 10, 2018
Taiwan Taichung Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) | joanne-khoo.com

2017 Taiwan: Rainbow Village | Feng Chia Night Market

Day 2 in Taichung, Taiwan! Our plan for the day was to visit the Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村), head to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and return to Feng Chai Night Market (逢甲夜市) at night. While we did manage to visit all the three places, it…

June 19, 2018