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Jing Yi's 20th Birthday |

Jing Yi’s 20th Birthday

Despite trying my best to clear my backlogs, I’m still at August 2017! For travelogues alone, I still have my September trip to Bali and my year-end vacation to Taiwan. In fact, I’m actually heading to Bangkok tomorrow, so that is undoubtedly going to…

March 3, 2018
Chinese New Year 2017 |

Chinese New Year 2017

Before I start on my next travelogues, I like to do a quick recap of Chinese New Year 2017, while the memories are still fresh on my mind. To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of celebrating Chinese New Year. I mean…

February 10, 2017
27th Birthday |

27th Birthday

Opps, I went missing again. Wasn’t in the mood to blog recently, which explain why I’ve been missing from this space. I know I promise to blog about my Rome travelogue, right after I finished blogging about my June trip to Hong Kong. But…

November 23, 2016
Santorini Oia |

Turning 27 – 26 Highlights From the Past Year

27 years ago, on 9th November 1989, I was born. To my parents, I was their second daughters (I’ve an elder sister who’s 4 years older than me, and two younger sisters who are 8 years and 10 years apart from me). I had…

November 9, 2016
Mummy Birthday |

Mum’s Birthday 2016

Today’s my mum’s birthday and I just came back from a family dinner / birthday celebration. Thought I will quickly share some pictures, if not the next thing I know, we may already be in 2017. Dinner was nothing fanciful. We had our dinner…

November 6, 2016
Hotel JEN Puteri Harbour / Hello Kitty Town? |

2016 Malaysia: Hotel JEN Puteri Harbour / Hello Kitty Town?

Went for a short three-days-two-nights trip to Johor some time back in early April. The Boyfriend and I had been talking about going to Legoland for quite awhile and finally decided to do so for his birthday this year. Since it’s his birthday, we…

June 24, 2016
Trick Eye Museum Singapore |

Daddy’s 60th Birthday / Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Hi there! Sorry, I disappeared again. Got caught up with work lately and as a result didn’t really have time to sign in to blogger. Just going to do a quick post today before I disappear again. Celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday earlier in…

April 19, 2016