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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2020 Day 1 |

Chinese New Year 2020

Celebrated the last bit of Chinese New Year yesterday (十五) and I figured I would do a quick post to recount how I spent my Chinese New Year this year! I shall start by mentioning I didn’t do much visiting this year. Primarily because…

February 9, 2020
2018 CNY |

Chinese New Year 2018

I’m slowly making my way down the list of overdue posts. At this point, I’m really asking and questioning myself the use of doing these posts since they were from 6-months ago. It honestly doesn’t make sense to do it. However, as I looked at…

September 2, 2018
Chinese New Year 2017 |

Chinese New Year 2017

Before I start on my next travelogues, I like to do a quick recap of Chinese New Year 2017, while the memories are still fresh on my mind. To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of celebrating Chinese New Year. I mean…

February 10, 2017

Chinese New Year 2015

Here’s a round up for my twenty-fifteen Chinese New Year celebration. Didn’t really did much this year apart from: – Having two reunion dinners on the eve of CNY, – Midnight trip to Chinatown, – Visiting on the first three days of CNY, –…

March 10, 2015

Chinese New Year 2014

Oh hello there! I realized it has been exactly one month since I last blogged. I think I’ve once again fallen back into the state whereby I’ve no motivation to update this space.. If you’re reading this, thank you for checking back this space.…

February 20, 2014

Chinese New Year 2013 – Day 1 & Day 2

The only picture I took on CNY Day 1!   OOTD: Wild Young Thing Romper in Jade Green from The Tinsel Rack Wedges from Charles & Keith Bag from Pull & Bear Got this romper from TTR ages ago but I’ve never once worn…

February 19, 2013

Reunion Dinner / Chinatown

On the eve of Chinese New Year.. My day started with having my first round of reunion dinner over at bf’s place at 5pm that afternoon. Similar to previous years, his family was having steamboat for their reunion dinner and it was exceptionally nice…

February 18, 2013

Chinese New Year 2012 – Day 2

Spend half of my day at home, as it was others turn to come visiting instead of us heading out. First came neighbours, then boyfriends, followed by cousins.. It’s really “rare” to have that many people coming over to our house at one time. Headed…

January 25, 2012