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My Wedding Day |

Review of Wedding Vendors

Finally getting down to do a review on my wedding vendors. Note that the review below is solely based on my personal opinion and experience. I think a lot of times, the experience and services one receive may vary, largely depends on one chemistry…

November 8, 2019
Steigen |

Steigen: Innovative Indoor Drying Laundry System

Advertorial Sharing with you one piece of good news I received over the weekend; and that is – my flat is finally due for key collection! It has been 3.5 years since the Husband and I submitted our application for a BTO (Build-to-Order) and…

August 10, 2017
Giovanni Shampoos & Conditioners |

Review: Giovanni Shampoos & Conditioners

Sponsored Post A quick question here: How many of you actually do take the effort to look at the ingredients list stated on the packaging whenever you get something off the shelves? Well, if you are the minority that take the extra few seconds…

December 30, 2015

Review: Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil For Face

Sponsored Post Hi there! I’m finally back from my recent ten days trip to Thailand, Bangkok! Even though I love travelling a lot, it feels really good to be back home (especially so after last week). As always, I’ve taken a ton of pictures…

March 31, 2015

Review: Little Black Beauty Box (May)

Late last month, the Boyfriend actually surprised me with The Little Black Beauty Box from styleXstyle. I recalled him telling me how all these subscription box(s) are slowly closing down one after another.. (Either he read it in the news or he get to…

June 27, 2014

Review: BeautyBiotics Exfoliating Jelly

Sponsored Post If you remember about a month and a half ago, I wrote a review about my newly discovered facial cleanser: the Dream Cream Collagen Cleanse by BeautyBiotics (read more about it here). I’ve since been using that as my daily facial cleanser…

June 9, 2014

Review: Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk & Hair Serum

Sponsored Post You know how there are days whereby we just wake up to frizzy and untamed hair in the morning? No matter how well we nourish and moisturise our hair the night before, it’s still likely that we will wake up to one…

May 5, 2014

Review: BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse

Sponsored Post Hello everybody!! I’m finally back from Hong Kong! The Boyfriend and I went to Hong Kong (and Macau) for 9 days and we just got back to Singapore on Wednesday morning. We took so many pictures during this trip and I really…

April 20, 2014